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Video Transcript Hey everyone, welcome back. Today we are testing. Testing? Testing. That's right. We are testing every single mask on Amazon. The word today though, relative, kind of been doing this my entire life now, because there's a lot of masks here. Today we are testing the BellaTerra mask.

When you think BellaTerra, beautiful planet, do you think this is what's going to happen when you get it? Let's look at the listing. This is a little BellaTerra, that seems BellaTerra. This does not seem BellaTerra. I don't know, a little critical. All right, let's go ahead and test this guy out. Jump in, stop all the... this is a very basic blue, super light blue mask. And let's let her rip there. We are going.
So Bella Terra is this giant bag, giant warning label. And these are... if you're familiar with the logistics or ship station or shipping at all, which I happen to be, these are just, these labels cost two cents each. So they basically got a big old bag with a printed label that cost two cents. So they really didn't spend a lot of time putting these together. I'm going to open this up. This doesn't make you feel good. This was 49.99 it looks like, right? That's kind of a lot for this bag to show up and let's just dump this out. This kind of bag calls for an unceremonious dumping, don't you think? I think so. I hope these test will because these will be good to donate.

Okay. So this is the first thing I'm going to notice here. Look at this. Look at this. I've got five different masks and I have five slightly different colors. Now what that tells you is these were made on five different machines, not on the same day. Why is that a bad thing? Well, it's a bad thing because that means their quality control isn't that good. I can tell right away, I don't know what this is going to test at, but I can tell right away that there's an issue with their quality control. Also, while this is a sealed bag, look at this. If you can see it in there, there's dirt in there. I can see these chunks of dirt on the actual masks. So that's not good. A bunch of flecks of dirt in every single one. It's flecks of dirt, different colors. I'm not feeling super bullish about this.

All right. Let's open one of these guys up and just kind of take a look at the quality of the mask here. So it is nice that it's sealed, but having them all different colors, that's telling you, they're not getting their fabric from the same place. This is probably made at the height of the pandemic. We can't tell though, because it doesn't say a manufacturing date on it. And so we don't know where this came from. Okay, so this is interesting. So the ear loops look about this same on all of them and these are kind of nice ear loops, to be honest. And I could tell it's pretty good. Let's switch here.

Show you... that's... I know that if I really give it a good, yeah. I'm going to do a couple of them in a row because that's kind of what we do here. I mean, I'm having to give that a good... I wouldn't give that a... we're kind of testing a new system here. It actually snaps so hard that it hurts my finger. I don't think any of these are going to break on your face. I would like them to be a little stronger. And the thing that is dangerous about it is it hurts so bad when they come off. If this were to come off, it would slap you in the face, leave a mark. This is hurting my hands.

Let's try this on. Okay. The ear loops are a little too big. I don't like that. The smell is slight, not bad. I don't mind, just a slight, slight smell. So, but I would give this a 20 out of 25, this is a really good smell. It's there, but it's not bad. I would call this, I almost smell something, but I'd wear this in my face all day long. It's a little big, going to get a little gappy gap there. Not a big deal.

Just to show this mess that I've now created. I'll just kind of clean up after myself here. This really troubles me that these colors are so different and that there was actually pieces of dirt and stuff in there. That said, it's a pretty good price, but does it matter? Does it matter if it doesn't protect you? So let's check this out. 95.459, that's pretty good. That's pretty good actually. I can't really... So in the United States, I said this before, the minimum standard is 95%. We're hitting that here. We're hitting the minimum standard. So this would be an ASTM level one mask from a PFE standard perspective. From a breathability though, it's pretty good. 71.8 to 71.82. It's very breathable. We're hitting the ASTM level one. I like it in terms of what this machine is meant to test.

The one thing that you can't do at home probably, is use a machine like this. And yeah, from that perspective it's actually a good mask. But my sort of, how I feel about it, the fact that all these are different colors, which means that their process isn't great. So, I very well might try this blue and get a much different result. You never know with these sort of things. I just, it doesn't make me feel good. I would not buy this mask, but from what I've tested, it's actually tests very well. So great breathability, weird ear loops, but strong, smells not that bad. And you have to buy 250, but if I recall the price point, it was about 20 cents a mask.
All right. Thank you guys very much for watching. If this was informative, you end up buying the Bella, what is it? Bella canvas, Bella Novella. What?

BellaTerra, beautiful earth. If you like beautiful earth, you buy it, that's great, because of this video, give me a thumbs up. Give me a like. I'd like that. It makes me feel good. It makes me... when I'm going to bed at night, it's something that just helps calm the demons. All right. Thank you very much. I'll catch you on the next mask.

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