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Video Transcript Hey, everybody. Welcome back where we are testing every single mask on Amazon, even the ones in bags and with a hair on them. Nice. Today we are testing the single use disposable face mask. Literally does not have a name. Love it. If you look under the brand on the Amazon page, it says basic resources, basic resources?

So we originally bought these for like $7 and 50 cents... $7 and 99 cents. It has now been discounted to $2 and 49 cents, which Amazon is basically giving you money. They're giving you money because it costs $3 and 50 cents to send something from an Amazon warehouse. So they're giving you a dollar to take these, take these masks! They're saying, but are they any good? That's what we're going to find out.

All right. Let's look at the packaging first. All right, so look at the packaging. So this is crazy, there is this... This is there's zero brand name on here and product name says disposable face masks non-medical. This is the most basic packaging you could ever potentially imagine receiving in your entire life. How fitting the name is basic resources, the brand. So they're being very, very generic here. And they're not really saying if it's being... Oh! It's our good friends at Asia Masks Inc. Look at... Can you see that? Right, right there.

I'm just delighted by this brand name Asia Masks Inc. We're going to do the ear loop test. Oh, wow! Look at this. We... I call this... What should we call it? I didn't name it. I call it the Nemo, Finding Nemo ear loops. Yeah, it's the... You get it, but you know, are you with, okay, maybe you don't have kids. Nemo ear... Nemo ear loops, one's bigger than the other. And yeah, these are pretty garbage. That one's the same. So they're really like, okay. So I don't... Yeah, yeah. I would say probably about like, this is going to be one of situations that you're going to go to the grocery store and maybe you just got vaccinated. So you're like, crap I don't really need a great mask, but you put it on and then you get in the grocery store because the guy's like "Hey, put your... put your mask on." And you put it on and you're like, "Hey, no problem." Then you put it on, then it's like... You're like, "Ughhhhh!"

I don't know, Amazon. I'm going to try this on. Who? Yep, this is, oh, Hmm. This is, I just spilled gas on my shoes and got in my car where I have an aggressive air freshener. It's almost like they added like one of those like fruity smells or something... It was weird, I'm getting a weird it smell. Let's try this.

Get it. Yes! All right, let's let her rip here. I mean, because what is all of this Giba Jabba matter if it doesn't protect you, is that we're going to look at the listing, so I'm not going to tell you what the percentage is going to be. So we tested this before. We tested this manufacturer before, though it came in a different bag and it was a lot easier to tell the name of the company, which is Asia Masks Inc. We kind of had to look into it here. Then right looking at this product arrives in a poly bag. Very... So they're letting you know. This mask is not intended for medical use and not proven to reduce the transmission of disease. Love it. They're being upfront. Manufactured by Aza ma... Asia Masks Inc. There you go, made in China. I like... They're being upfront. So, that's great.

So again, here's a chance to talk about airflow resistance. This is very, very low. That means... This is going to be super breathable. You could put two or three or four or five of these things on and you wouldn't be able to breathe very hard and you might need to because the efficiency is only 83%. So it was 83.477.
All right, if this was helpful to you, then you know, what'd be helpful to me? Do you know? Because I'll tell you. I know you think that I'm going to say that I'd like you to like and subscribe, but that's not it. I'm not going to ask you to do that. I wouldn't do that. That's not my game. I don't do that. I don't... I'm not just trying to take. Okay. I'm trying to give, what I would like is to give you a particulate filtration efficiency test of a mask of you're choosing. So, if you have a mask that we haven't reviewed, put it in the comments and... Or you can send me, you can send me a crazy mess that you have. I'd love to test it. All right. Thank you very much for watching and I will catch you on the next test.

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