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Video Transcript Hey everyone. Welcome back. Today, we are testing every single mask on Amazon. And when I say every mask, whoa, good news. I mean even our masks. That's right. And we can do it because drum roll, please. Our masks are on Amazon. I know, right? Yeah.

We debated about it, but we said, Hey, if we're going to be fair here, we might as well put our masks on Amazon. But something you might notice is that the packaging is a little bit different. If you buy our masks today, you're going to get them in a box like this. Okay. Ooh, nice America box. We call this the Nugent. Don't ask. We want it to be a little bit different. And the reason we want it to be different was because, well, quite frankly, no one really sells masks in bags. And apparently there's this thing with Amazon where people jump on your listing and try to pretend like they're selling your stuff. We thought if we packaged it in a unique way, it would be very, very obvious. So that's why if you buy it on our website, you're going to see it like this.

You buy it on Amazon, it's going to be in a bag like this. Same mask though. All right. Let's go ahead and test. False start. There we go. And all right, let's let her rip. Come on machine. Don't fail me now. All right. So let's take a look at the bag and the box and the listing. So, if I look at our listing, let's see if we're making any claims in here. Actually it doesn't look like they've let us make claims. Although, it is an ASTM level three mask and in some of the comments they're writing that. So thank you people. It is made in America. It is a level three. It does say level three on here. But I think Amazon is just so crazy about the different keywords. So we can't say ASTM for some reason. Saying ASTM three is making a claim that it's going to be 98% or better.

So don't fail on me machine. Don't do it. Ooh, doing pretty good so far 99.5. All right. Let's take a look at this. I love this bag. I haven't really had a lot of experience with it. It's because we only made these for Amazon. So it's going to say on here, maximum protection, ASTM level three. Whoa, someone's making a lot of claims in here. Hopefully we can back it up. What we're doing on here is just kind of showing the difference between the different ASTM levels so that you can see it's 98% protection for particulates in that bacteria. We're only testing particulates here, because I don't want to grow bacteria, just seems like a whole to do.

Let's open this up. Ooh. I also like that it's like this, like nice open thing on the top because it's like, ah, that's never been open before and this is a really, this is a barrier bag. So you know that you could probably throw this thing in the water if you wanted. We went ahead and we sealed it as well. I know who are these guys? This is a food grade plastic that we actually seal inside of a clean room. And then actually in our clean room, we're also sealing this as well. Double sealed for your protection or pleasure. All right, I'm going to open this up. One complaint we do get is that it's actually kind of hard to open our plastic bags.

That's a feature folks. All right, let's get the mask out here. Sometimes I notice that it's a little, like it gets these weird indention's. That's from the sealing process when it uses that shrink bag, but it usually winds out over time. That's pretty good. That's pretty good. Let's do this one here. I could actually, I could tell that's like, that one's going to, I really, it's going to break. I don't like that it was breaking that much. I mean like, I'm being very critical here. That one's not, it's not breaking. This will never come off on your face. These ones wouldn't and that's why we have the guarantee, because we're going to stand by it. If we have an ear loop break, it happens, mistakes happen, we're going to fix it. All right.

Put it on, deep breathing here. I'm going to say it's got a light smell to it. These are made of plastic. So, but it's not a bad smell. And that's what I've been finding is a lot of these don't have a bad smell. It's the ones that smell like you spilled gas on your shoes or they smell like you're living inside of a glove compartment or something like this. I would call this smell made inside of a clean room. Yeah. But it does have a slight smell to it. So the nose wire and this is like, dang, that's some good nose wire. I mean, I don't want to like toot my own horn, but boo, boo. I mean, this thing is really good. Let me show you why. So I'm going to cut this open. You can even see right here, the double indention. This is a super thick double nose wire.

I've kind of showed this on some of the videos, but you could see how that has two wires in there. That's going to give you an extra amount of conforming. Does a great nose wire matter if the mask doesn't protect you? No. So what did it do? 99.62, 99.62. That's really high. That's really high. We test our masks every day. It's one of the things that makes us a little bit unique is that we test our masks every day that they come off the line. I have personally never seen it that high. I'm actually kind of embarrassed because now it feels like we're shilling. But as my compatriot here just pointed out, we literally just made this mask and put it in the box. Maybe that has something to do with it. We like to be in the 99%, but 99.62 is really freaking high. Like that is really high.

That's basically everything, because we're testing at 0.1 microns. So this is basically filtering everything that could possibly go through. So that's great. All right. Thank you guys very much for watching. I've been having a good time, so I don't even care if you have. No, I do. I do. And actually it would really help me out if you have more interesting masks, send them to us. We're going to put some information in the notes here. I'd love for you to send us some mask and test them out. Have you washed our mask 46 times? Let's test it and see.

This is an unknown amount. So we don't know how much this has been breaking down, but I'd love to see more stuff like this and not our mask other people's mask too. So send it to me. Thank you very much for watching and I will see you on the next test.


Armbrust American Surgical masks passed our tests for breathability, construction, smell, and filtration effectiveness. This is the signature product of Armbrust American, and produced in our Texas manufacturing factory. Surgical-style masks, to be considered medical-grade, must receive a ASTM Level 3 rating from an independent laboratory testing service.

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Just got these in the mail. Been watching the reviews and I said I need to try them out. I have Been Using Ecograud but these are softer on the face. Love it.

TP June 15, 2022

The link to buy this is broken.

Anon January 10, 2022

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