Ruipu Doctors Anti-particulate matter stand-up folding mask

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Video Transcript I'm sending you two types of masks, KN95 sealed in foil pack. My family purchased these likely at a big box hardware store. Starts with M and ends with Enards. Oh, I know Menards well. It will always be my Home Depot early in the pandemic. I see a number of red flags and I'm very curious about the filtration performance. Kind regards, Kerri.

So, foil. 90.50 filtration. Ruipu Doctors. Okay, so this is the one from Menards. She didn't say that. I'm saying that. Filtration efficiency, 95%. Made in China. Nano fiber filtration. Let's see about that. Let's open it up. Ooh, it's a resealable pack. That's nice. So the foil means that it's a barrier package, which is actually really good. That means it's probably not going to have any smells. Oh, wait. It says N95. Look at that. This is not N95. Doesn't say KN95. It says N95. This is a fake. All right, let's put this in here. This is from Menards. Super sketchy. This is not an N95 so they're already lying to you. I love this. Oh, I've not seen this. Thank you. This is what I'm talking about. Minnesota bringing it back here. And the test is starting. Oh, boy.

So this says, it's nano fiber, which is probably not. And it says that it's an N95, which it's not, because it doesn't have the correct markings on it. You need to have a TC number like this TC on the actual mask if it's an N95. We'll keep that there for reference. I can't try it on because you only sent me one. Come on, send me more than one if you can. 98.41. Oh, I want it to fail. I wanted a fail today. Aw, I wanted a fail.

It does look sketchy. It's weirdly see through. It says N95. It's not N95, but 98.41 at a 100.1 Pascals. Smells horrible. Smells like an herb garden gone wrong. Oh, my gosh. Here. Horrible. It's not the box.

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