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Video Transcript All right, Brian, I think this is yours. Nice envelope, bro. Nice envelope, bro. Oh yeah. KF 94. Is that what he said? Thank you, Brian. Oh yeah. Media plus shield, a breath of fresh air. From Abovo Nature. Brian, February 19th, 2022. That's not bad. That's great turnaround for us. Holy crap. Wow. First let me say, thank you for doing the mask testing on YouTube. There are a lot of masks out there, and most of us have no real way to tell if a mask is going to protect us or not. Having someone objectively test them and making the results public is a great help. You got it, Brian. I'm hoping you can test the enclosed masks. Here's the story.

Months ago, I ordered some LG KF95 masks on Amazon. Months went by. Ooh, the drama. Then before I got a shipment notice from a package from China, and when it arrived, I found these masks instead of the LG masks I ordered. I got a refund from Amazon, of course, but now I have a bunch of these masks.

They claim to be KF94, but they feel kind of sketchy. Which is a technical term, so I'm glad you used that. I can't tell if they're counterfeit or not, please test them so I know at least whether they're worth keeping or just worthy of being tossed in a bin. I like that. I like the duality there. You got it, Brian. Let's do this. Let's get it in the clamper. Media shield, if you are real. Passion black. You see that? Passion black. I like that. These seem real. And the reason they seem real is because all the fakes don't use the fancy packaging. Two keys, nuclear codes, turned, and we're off to the races. All right. Let's try this one. Oh wow. Look like a ninja.

This smells like a mask that was made next to a campfire. That's what it smells like. Ah, it's not that bad. The Korean KF94s, for whatever reason, have this kind of like a little bit of a burning smell. This one's not too bad. It's actually very slight. I'd like the nose wire to be stronger though. And we got a good test. I will tell you that. As you can see, 97.58% Brian. 97.58. 97.58%. And... What? 53.2 pascals. Now the standard on this 94% and 250 pascals, this is beating the breathability by an insane amount. Not only did Amazon not swindle you, but they hooked you the up. This is awesome. This is the best KF94 I've ever tested. 53.2 pascals. I think the record's like 49 or something for us. Probably the Gerson, but that was so much less service area. Dang. This is insane. It does smell weird though. Okay. Let's see this. Got to do the test. Yeah. That's not going to come off on your face though. Maybe. Maybe if I really wanted it to. Wow. That's like surgical mass breathability. You're right.

All right. Well, that was interesting. Thank you for sending that, Brian. What a great experience, Brian. Some of these people sent these to me like four months ago. Here Brian is waltzing in saying, Hey, can you test it on your hundred thousand dollar machine? Yes, Brian, we can. And you got a good deal. You're welcome.


This black MediShield Fashion KF94 Yellow Dust Protective Shield passed our particulate filtration efficiency machine test with a score of 97.58%. It also offers some of the best breathability we’ve seen from a KF94 mask, with an insanely low airflow resistance of 53.2 pascals. The only downside is a slight burning smell reminiscent of a campfire. Available for purchase from Amazon.

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