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Video Transcript All right, everyone. Welcome back to the place we're testing every single mask in the world. In this case, every mask or respirator made in North America. So today we are looking at the Kimberly Clark professional N95 pouch respirator, and it comes in a pouch. Bam. Do you think they were talking about the respirator or the bag? Seems weird to talk about the bag. All right. Let's stop talking and put this in the clamper. This is going to be just a GD mess is what this is because look it. How am I supposed to open this, Kim Clark, if that's your real name? Let's put this in here. This is so interesting. I call this the duck bill, which I think a lot of people do in the industry, and I've never tested a duck bill before today and then this is the, what, fourth one? Something like that? In a row? It's almost like someone planned that.

Conspiracy theory.

Clamp cam. Pretty good clamp. Pretty good. Medium clamp. This is a PFE machine, particulate filtration efficiency machine. If you want to find out more about how that works, check out that link. All right.

Let's talk about the Kimberly Clark Professional N95. So Kimberly Clark's been making a lot of medical products for a long time. Dude, this thing is super cheap, 84 cents a piece on Amazon, and I'm trying to think, I think, yeah, Kimberly Clark was paid a bunch of money by the US government, I think it was like $168 million in Defense Production Act to make a bunch of these respirators. Actually I was able to find like that they scaled up this factory and then they met what the government wanted, and then they shut it down, and sold all the equipment. So this was made in the USA and I think what's going on is these are the leftovers from those government orders. I think that's why they decided to put it in like a bag, which is just weird packaging. You know? I think they're probably just trying to get rid of these. That's my gut. I don't know.

This is a nice printed ... Look at this guy. Look at that. I don't know. This is interesting. This is a lot like the ACI one that we just saw. Yeah, dude, it's exactly the same. Look at this. Except for the ACI was put together a little bit better. It's got this thing. It looks like it would probably break if I pulled it, yeah. But, yeah, not terrible. I don't think it's going to break on your head. I think after doing this like nine times, I can actually put this on, so we'll see. It is a little bit difficult. Nope. That was wrong. This is like the, oh my gosh, this is hard to put, wow, this is so weird.

Okay. So, wow. This is the dumbest looking mask I've ever seen. Oh my gosh. Do not take this to prom, people. Look at this. What's going on? Why is it all ... Is it me? Is it me? Is it me? Am I doing it wrong?

Okay. I just tried the Gerson mask, which is the duck style and ACI, Advanced Concepts Innovations, all American made duck style, but this one, it doesn't feel like it's fitting and look at this. Look at. Do you see that? Granted, that was not the best donning, but look the nose wire's coming off. What? What the heck, Kim? Come on. It doesn't feel like if it's it's on my head very well. Kim, you're messing up my hair. It's it's really cheap, it looks like it's going to fall apart. This is not a good quality mask. What the heck?

Let me do the smell on this. It's not horrible, but it kind of smells like the combination of a plastic bag and an Amazon fulfillment center, so I'm guessing that has something to do with the bag that it was shipped in. But yeah, it doesn't look even when it's on your face where the other ones looked even. It's a weird look. The duck bill look is a weird look but it's very breathable, as we saw. This was, would you say 77? Something like that?


71. That's very breathable. It's like in the top three N90 fives in terms of breathability and the other two were also duck bills, so there's something about this design that makes it insanely breathable, which I like. But does any of that matter? Does any of it matter if it doesn't protect you? Because that's the whole reason we showed up here was for this big, beautiful lab and all the money we spent on it. What does it say?

Fail. It says fail. Look, you look at all the little parts of a mask you look at how is the box? Did someone put a lot of thought into it or did they just put a label on the bag at an angle? Is the construction good? All that stuff kind of adds up to is this going to be a great product?

Now, look. This is one test. I could test this whole bag and average them out and maybe it would beat 95%, right? But this right here is a failing score. It just is. 93.889. Still an insanely breathable mask so if you're between a cloth mask and the 89 cent Kimberly Clark on Amazon, I'd go with this one to be honest, but there are better masks out there and I would choose those. Just because it's made in America doesn't mean that it's great. Clearly this guy was rushed together and they may not even be making it anymore, we'll never know.

All right. Thank you guys so much for watching. I hope you appreciated this. If you did, jam that like button, give me a subscribe. Look, Google doesn't check those things. They're not actually going to serve you more of my videos if you hit subscribe. They are. That's what it does. All right. Thank you guys for watching and I will catch you on the next test, especially if you subscribe, because you won't have any choice.

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@carol: There is no comfortable, breathable mask that can be worn for 7-8 hours a day, that is capable of protecting from microscopic aerosolized virus. You want protection, go with a P99 or P100 and have someone who’s trained to do so fit it and test it—but it won’t be comfortable or breathable.

@terri: N95 masks have to be tight and properly fitted to work. A minimum infective dose of a virus can still get through a properly-fitted N95. All masks look stupid.

B September 18, 2023

I’ve worn these since 2020, sung with them in a choir, attended concerts, and never gotten COVID. They seem good enough.

Dennis Doubleday January 11, 2023

I have purchased these masks twice thinking they are protecting my DISABLED son. The wearability/breathing was a factor being a duck bill mask but, IF these masks fail for protection…what is the point??? Which would explain WHY he got Covid 3 weeks ago!!!
He needs to wear a mask all day at his program…can you recommend a mask that actually works to protect him and is breathable for a duration of 7/8 hours.

I am so glad I saw this video.

Thank you

Carol November 15, 2022

Aaron Collins found 97.0% Filtration Efficiency on this one:

Chuck May 15, 2022

I saw the mask filtration is 93%. Is that still better than a disposable surgical mask? These masks actually fit us. My problem is that my daughter and I are 5’10” and 6’2” tall. Most masks don’t fit our large heads. N95 masks are so tight they look stupid. 3M told me they wouldn’t make money on XL N95 masks when I contacted them. They claim that very large heads are rare and they don’t plan on helping us. We wear nearly a 9” hat size. We are overweight, just larger than average heads.

Terri Laughlin February 01, 2022

What are the details about why KimberlyClark N95 masks didn’t pass your tests?

S January 21, 2022

How do we get our money back for these masks. I bought them on Amazon. On another note, thank you for providing this data. I would like to know why our government has not done this . 2 years ago???

Marie O'Connor January 09, 2022

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