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Video Transcript Hey, everyone. Welcome back to the place in the world where we are testing every single mask. Today, very excited to look at the Aegle. I think I'm saying that correctly, N95. They've got two of them. They've got a cup style and a foldable style. We're going to be looking at both of those today.

In this video, we're going to be looking at the fold, which is the first one. Very excited to take a look at this. It's got some special features. Especially, I just came back from the manufacturer and I manhandled the box a little bit. You'll have to forgive me, but this is so cool. The packaging is the best packaging that I've seen for any mask, hands down. Aside from maybe the Dr. Puri had individually KF94s, and that was pretty danged, to be honest.

Check out this size of this box. Look at this. It's bigger than this screen. This is a Texas manufacturer. I guess everything is bigger in Texas, maybe that's why they're making the box so dang big.

I'm going to open this up. This actually box has some cool features that I'll look at in a second, but I want to get in a clamp before we talk about that. Sealed in this cool bag. Look at that. Dang, that's a nice bag and it's a nice zipper sealer. It's like a premium underwear or something. Then, you've got the masks right there, so you can get at them.

All right. Let's put it in the clamp here. Now, this is a little bit different setup than our surgical masks. If you want to find out how we are doing this differently, I'm going to put a link right up there. This is also just a tiny bit different than how [inaudible 00:01:50] does their test.

Let a rip. I explained it in that video, we're doing math a little bit differently to make it super fast for me to do this. This is not how we actually test our math. You have to use bees wax. I'll do a video on that someday, but I don't like getting sticky. All right. We're going to let that run.

Let's talk about Aegle. These guys are pretty new. I just visited their factory yesterday. Tell you what, that factory was awesome. It's right outside Austin, Texas. They are just down the road in Houston. It is a brand new factory. You can check them out on their website, Really beautiful website, these guys get brand well. My background is actually in software before starting a mass factory, and they have the same thing. They were building software companies before then, so you can really see how they designed the product and care about things.

Let's talk about this box. This box is really cool. It has this really cool feature. I don't know if I can demonstrate, but I'm going to try. On the top of every box, you can see it's got this little sticker on there. That's actually an NFC, near-field communication reader. They're using that to actually do real verification of the information on this thing. You're supposed to be able to just tap it on the top. See, there must be something... I think I've scanned it too many times.

I think that's part of the... That's my daughter... It opens up their website and it shows you the lot information, what that means, it's the date that the mask was manufactured. It's the time that was manufactured and all of the testing data, which they've done like 20 tests from that lot. That's really cool. That's a great way for you to know that you're dealing with an actual U.S. made company and that it's actually been verified, so you can actually trust that information. No one else has this technology. We have actually built the backend for it. I call it the birth certificate for a mask, so that you can scan a code on the back of our box and see exactly what the test was for that day. We haven't rolled it out though yet, because it's rolling out operational is very difficult. They have gone ahead and done that, so very impressed because I know how much work is on the back end. We're just collecting the data at the moment and we should roll it out in the next few months.

Lets, again, talk about the box, just before we get into the actual test. This is my favorite box, I think, that come across. I just really like the design. It looks maybe like the Swedish flag or something, so maybe that says something about my Viking heritage. We'll never know. It just looks awesome. They get 50 in a box. That's huge. It's a giant box. You open it up. This is their folding respirator. You see on here, I've never seen another manufacturer do this. I actually saw this live. This is laser inscribed. They're using a $50,000 laser to inscribe all this information right on there, which is really neat.

They've got a great nose wire, good construction. Never actually tested their head straps. They're pretty good. They're pretty good. Now, remember with N95, you've got to have... It's not like the ear loops of the face mask. These actually have to stay on your face, so that's pretty good. I can tell though, by pulling that, if I pull a little bit harder, it's going to break. It's never going to break on your head, but some of the other American manufacturers I tested, I don't know what they're doing. One of them, I think I put a 35 pound dumbbell inside one of these and still didn't break. Is that necessary? No, not really. I know this is not going to break on your face.

I'm going to try this on real quick. Grab the pit. I know it's not how I'm supposed to put it on. Don't at me. Getting a polypropylene smell here, which is the plastic that's made. This a little bit smaller than I'm actually used to, but I have a big head. If you have a smaller face, when comparing it to the Indiana face mask, I think that one's just a little bit bigger. But, I'm getting a great seal. Not getting anything... Obviously, that's part of an N95, is that you've got to have a great seal. It's very soft on the inside. I think they're using a different type of spun-bond there, because that is just really supple. The outside's actually a little bit rough, but if you're going to spend extra money on soft spun-bond, do it on the inside, because that's the thing that touches your face. It's a really great product.

Obviously, a premium product but seems really good. Seems is the operative word though, because does any of that stuff matter? Does their tracking trace thing matter? If the thing doesn't test well... I haven't looked at it yet, so I don't know what it's going to say. Let's check this out. We'll do it together. Here we go. Three, two.

Wow, great job guys. That's what I would expect from an American manufacturer, but you never know, right? You never know until you get it in the clamper doesn't lie. 99.64. I was glancing at the airflow resistance a minute ago. I'll just actually look at our report to get the average. The breathability is actually really good. It's 146 pascals, 146.98. That's a great breathability number. Now, some of the other masks that we've tested have had a more breathable fabric, but this is extremely breathable. It is on par with the breathability of a surgical mask, and I felt that when I was breathing it in. Guys at Aegle, great job. Love your mask. Love your box. It's not a soft touch, but the box is so good, I didn't even notice. Well, I noticed, obviously. Perhaps the next rendition, you can upgrade your soft touch there.

All right. Thank you guys so much for watching, if this is helpful. I appreciate you guys checking out my address below. That's right, I'm giving you my physical address. Why? It's crazy because I'd like you to send me some masks. I ran out of all of the masks you guys sent me. I need some more masks to test. I want test every single mask in the world. I need your help to do it, so send me your masks. Also, if you're not doing anything else, give me a like, subscribe, or don't. I don't check those things. I do. It's really sad. It's desperate.

All right. I'll check you out on the next test.

Thank you.


Aegle N95 Foldable Respirator received a passing grade, and also successfully performed in all of our independent laboratory tests for breathability and filtration efficiency. The mask also met all requirements to gain NIOSH approval for the N95 standard. The mask itself has a flat-fold style shape, and features sturdy yellow head straps to ensure it fits around the mouth and nose. Aegle is a trusted American manufacturer with a history of producing quality PPE.

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