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Video Transcript Hey, everyone. Welcome back to the place where we test every single mask in the world. That's right, today we are testing the Aegle N95 Cup Respirator. This thing is new on the market. They launch right before Delta. They've got a great product, great box. We'll talk more about that. Let's get it in the clamper. So that way, you know, we're doing things while I'm yapping. We have a reason to, you know, talk so much. I'll talk about how cool this box is in just a second. Let's go clamp. All right.

We are doing a little bit ... If you're looking at our surgical mask videos, you're going to notice this is a little bit different. Set up is set to the NIOSH standard. We're using NaCl here. I'll put a link up top, if you want to nerd out about how NOISH does a different test than the FDA, and I'll let her rip as a PFE machine, Particulate Filtration Efficiency machine.

Again, check out that link if you want to know more, you probably don't. No one does. No one does. Three people have ever watched that video.

Remember, we're testing just filtration here, not fit, but if it's an N95, that means that the CDC and NIOSH have said the fit is good on this, as long as you follow the instructions that come in the back. All right.

So this company, Aegle, let's talk about these guys. New on the scene. This is their website, New on the scene, right before Delta, just down the road from us in Houston, Texas, beautiful factory, brand new, brand spanking new factory. I thought my factory was new. Their factory is newer. Not that it's a competition guys. Okay. Don't make it rip. It's a competition and they're winning. Their factory's new. So let's look at the box.

I love this design that they have. They have this thing where you can cut off and easily ... I don't know if you can see that it's perforated right there ... so you can easily grab and go. The design is like modeled after like some sort of Viking Swedish country, makes me feel good. Probably because I grew up in Minnesota. We'll never know. And then they've got this amazing bag on the inside.

Another feature of this box that just literally doesn't exist ... In fact, I think it's patent pending ... is they've got embedded on the top here, a chip that you can scan. And what that chip does, is it gives access to your internal testing data from this lot. So you scan this, Pablo is calling. Pablo, I'm not talking right now. You scan this and for some reason I think I've scanned this too many times, but it's actually pretty magical when it happens.

And it pulls up a report from the day or the lot that your masks were actually made. And you can see filtration data, you can see breathability data, but the most important thing is that you can verify that this thing is real, which is kind of a cool feature, when it works. I think I scanned it too many times. There's some sort of security in it. So they've got this great bag that everything sits in. It's like got their logo on it. It's just a really sexy bag. It's a definitely a premium product. It's up there with like the Deme TECHs of the world, I would say.

Let's take a look at the max mask. This is a cup respirator, another cool feature of ... not that it matters, but a lot of folks inkjet print on these because you have to put this NIOSH number on here. So a lot of people inkjet print on that. And why does that matter? Well, it just doesn't look great.

They're using lasers, real lasers. I looked, it's like a $50,000 laser, if it is in their factory and it literally burns their information right into that label, which is just like, so cool. Doesn't affect the performance of the mask. I just, you know, nerding out over the tech. So this is a standard cup respirator. A lot of people like the folds. I prefer the cup, to be honest. I don't know why. It just feel like it fits my face better.

I know I didn't done that correctly. Just don't hate me. It's got a nose wire on top providing a pretty decent seal for me. These are a little bit smaller than ours, I think. Ours are wider. These are more round. This is like a very round one, but it's giving me a pretty good fit. Now NIOSH actually test to make sure that this fits a majority of faces. So that's been through that ringer, because you need both fit and filtration. What I'm testing here is the filtration. You also need the fit. And if it says N95 on it, that's basically guaranteeing you that the highest level at the US government has given it a thumbs up. So pretty good.

A couple things, just on my face, the, the part where the welds are, I'm kind of getting like a little scratchy thing on my cheek. So, if your face is exactly like mine, listen up kids, you might run into that, but the construction is overall really, really good.

I'm going to do the test here. That's good. Now remember, for an N95, these can't break. This is part of like the certification of these things. So they can't break. And I can tell if I like really ... Oh man, that's ... Okay. Yeah. That is never going to break on your face. That is never going to break on your face. That's super tight. I had to do it though.

That's 8% of you are just here to watch me destroy masks. I know you. I see you. All right, but does any of that crap matter, if it doesn't protect you? Let's check it out, take let's take a look. All right. So, actually their fold respirator did just a couple percentage points better.

Now, remember, N95 means 95% or better. Knocking it out of the park, boys, 99.369. That's a great mask. That's an absolute great mask. And I'm just going to run another report real quick to see what the breathability was. Because I didn't glance at it during that, I was just yapping too much. And the breathability is 157.12. Now here's the thing. So the N95 standard is under 250 pascals. The surgical masks we like to see under 150, you know, maybe 120, under a hundred would, would be great. But 157 for a cup respirator is really good. Ours tests over 200. So this is beating ours on the breathability front. So it's a great mask.

All right, guys, thank you so much for watching. I appreciate it. Hope you enjoyed this review and I'd love ... This is every ... This is the point in the video where I was like, I know, like and subscribe.

Well, I don't want your likes or your subscribes. I do. But what I would love more, is if you found a mask that I haven't tested yet. So I'm going to put a link to all the masks we've tested and then I'll put my actual address. And I want you to send me a mask that you want me to test. And if you send me a mask, send it in the whole box. Even if you view some of the masks, that's okay. I need the whole box to look at the box, to see what claims they're making, to see who the manufacturer is. Yada yada, yada. All right. Thank you guys so much and I will catch you on the next test.


The Aegle respirator cup-style mask passed our particulate filtration efficiency machine test with a score of 99.37%. A defining characteristic of N95 masks is they have either head straps or head ties (no ear loops).

Mask breathability is determined by airflow resistance, which we measure in pascals. The target for adults should be around 150, and the target for children should be close to 100. The airflow resistance of this mask is 157.12.

This mask offers great breathability for a cup mask, though some may feel slight irritation from the head strap welds. We recommend you save the box, as it has an embedded chip you can scan for all of the testing data from its date of manufacture.

The country of origin for this mask is the USA. Check out our video review for more details.

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