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Why did this mask fail?


Video Transcript Hey, everyone. Welcome back to the place where we're testing every single mask on Amazon. Today, looking once again at WWDoll. I'm not sure why, but we're looking at it. Let's get it in the clamper and see what happens. Tested this brand before. And I've tested this manufacturer many, many times. Oh, Chengde. This is made by Chengde Technology Co. This company called the Chengde Technology Co. So the real manufacturer is called Chengde Technology Co., and they make probably about half of the KN95s on Amazon. And they range anywhere, spoiler alert, get that clamped, anywhere between 60 PFE on this machine to 99. So they're not a manufacturer that I would choose or trust, just because they're all over the place.

Let's talk about WWDoll. They are widely, widely, widely recommended by People Magazine and all these people who are just trying to get you to click on their links, so they will get a percentage, probably 8% to 10%, of the listing if you buy it. This is not a good mask that I would trust personally. That's my thought. Oh, look at this. Oh, this is great. I haven't seen this. WWDoll has produced specifically clean workshop. The filter efficiency of masks has been certified to be over 95. Now this is the mask that you would use for an N95, or the machine, so the 8130 by TSI. We have a slightly different machine here.

This is not a KN95 though. Why would I say that? None of Chengde's masks are actually KN95s. To be a KN95, you need three things. You need to say KN95. You need to have the standard, which in this case is GB2626-2019, that's the last year of the standard. Then you got to have them manufacturer name, which is on the bag, Chengde Technology Co. You need to have that on the mask. Why? So they can't trick you like they're doing by saying this is WWDoll, or Anon Bros, or they have a ton of names. They want you to actually put the name on the mask, which they're not doing.

But they do make a product that doesn't break. So from a construction standpoint, it's pretty strong. It typically smells like Chinese polypropylene. Let me do a smell test. Whoa. Oh, (beep). What the... Oh, man. Oh, God. That smells like poisoned. Okay. This is the worst smelling Chengde mask that I've ever had. That's a new one. Usually, it smells like polypropylene. I don't even know how to... I mean, I'm just going to say it smells like pure poison. I wouldn't put that on my face, but that's just me. But not bad from a protection set. If you can survive the inside of that mask, it may protect you from whatever's on the outside.

99.431. 99.431. Again, there are better masks out there. I've got a list of all the masks we've tested on Amazon. I would choose a different one, but that's just me. All right, guys. Thank you so much for watching. I appreciate your time and attention as always. We are moving here, as you can see in the background. So we're trying to jam out as many of these tests as possible before the move happens. And so every day, we're dropping a new test at 10:00 AM. I will see you here tomorrow, bright and early, 10:00 AM. I'm watching, I'm watching. See you there.


This is one of the most popular and in many ways controversial masks on Amazon.  WWDOLL is one of the many KN95 style masks manufactured by Chengde Technology co, which the CDC has called out multiple times for producing counterfiet and subpar products.

Why did this mask fail?

This particular mask did pass both filtration and breathability tests, but one of the basic parts of the KN95 standard requires putting the words GB-2626-2019 on the front of the mask, which this mask obviously doesn't have. 

There are many other tests a mask must pass beyond filtration and breathability according to the full KN95 standard, so if they didn't abide by this simple one...what else didn't they do?

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I have the WWDOLL KN95 FOldable Protective masks and it DOES have the GB2626-2019 KN95 on the side of each mask. Just like Powecom and many others. Are you saying this is still counterfeit? I am so confused. Anyone know about this?

vicky July 30, 2022

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Henry Paul May 11, 2022

He’s goofy and entertaining BUT not consistent and believable with his information. He’s potentially more fake than the mask! His site says something fails, and then video says he’d buy…what? Basically a mess!

Craig May 10, 2022

He’s goofy and entertaining BUT not consistent and believable with his information. He’s potential more fake than the mask! His site says something fails, and then video says he’d buy…what? Basically a mess!

Craig May 10, 2022

He’s goofy and entertaining BUT not consistent and believable with his information. He’s potential more fake than the mask! His site says something fails, and then video says he’d buy…what? Basically a mess!

Craig May 10, 2022

It’s bad enough that there are so many masks out there that do not meet KN95 standards, but I would have to say this review does not meet standards for truthfulness and due diligence. We ordered 2 50-count bags of WWDOLL KN95 Foldable Protective Masks, one in January 2021 and one in August 2021. Like other commenters, the masks all are imprinted with GB 2626-2019, as is the outer bag in which they arrived. The outer bag also displays the WWDOLL name, the manufacturer, which is Chengde Technology Co., LTD, the manufacturer’s address and telephone number, and the mask model: CD9501B. If one goes to the trouble to watch the video, featuring a disorganized-seeming individual (Lloyd), he shows clearly that the mask is stamped GB 2626-2019; however, he claims, and it might be true, that the manufacturer’s name must also be on the mask. He then goes on to show that the filtration is greater than 99%, as already established by NIOSH. He concludes by saying that if he were buying a KN95 mask “from China” (Lloyd, KN95s are all made in China) he would buy this one.

My take on all this: ignore everything Lloyd says except that HHHHE

Dan February 22, 2022

Um…the WWDoll masks I bought do have the GB2626 thing printed on them. That’s not great attention to detail on the part of Armbrust…what mask were they looking at while writing this review?

G January 23, 2022

I’m looking at the WWDOLL KN95 masks I bought on Amazon and they very clearly do have the text GB 2626-2019 on them. I think it’s time to update this review.

Danny January 19, 2022

I received my order of 50 wwdoll GB 2626-2019 masks yesterday and am very disappointed. They are really too small for my face and very uncomfortable. I am surprised they were made in China. However, I will keep them hoping that maybe they will stretch enough to make them wearable. When I bend my face down the top of the mask actually goes into my eyes, fortunately I wear glasses so that is some protection.

Freda Parsons January 15, 2022

Because the KN95 standard requires that the mask have the words GB 2626-2019 written across the front of them…similar to how all real N95 masks have NIOSH approval numbers printed on the front. This mask did pass filtration and breathability tests…but there are many more tests a mask has to pass to fully meet the standard…and if the company didn’t even bother to put the numerical standard on the front…what else didn’t they do?

Josh January 09, 2022

If WWDoll mask is 99% filtration and the video says he likes it, why does the text review say fail?

Era January 09, 2022

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