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Why did this mask fail?


video transcript Today, very excited to look at the very popular WW dot DOLL. There's no dot. It's just DOLL. Let me open this thing up and we'll put it in the clamper and see how it goes. It's interesting that there's no branding it really. And then it just is like WWDOLL.

And there's all sorts of packaging for this product, by the way. It's all over the place. I like the bag. Open it up. Looks like there's maybe packs of five in here. That's pretty cool. Hey, Buddy. That's nice. Nice. Nice. Okay. Ooh, definitely hand packed. You can tell just by the way it is. These are black. We're looking at the black masks. All right. Let's put it in our little clampy device. Again, broken record, but this is not how NIOSH it's going to do this. It's okay. We're getting roughly the same results. We're just doing it slightly different. We have a little custom setup here that allows us to do things a little bit faster. Letting that rip.

Okay. Let's talk about WWDOLL. So it's interesting about WWDOLL. It's like one of the most popular masks that you're going to find. If you search for it, you're going to see Amazon. You're going to see NBC news, Sears.com, CDC five highly rated KN95, FDA authorized KN95, not a thing. The seven best KN95 masks from the FDA's EUA, which it was on that list. So you're going to see a lot of that. One interesting thing is to Google a brand name and then click on news and see what happens. Market Watch, six doctors share which face masks wear to protect themselves from COVID 19. They have a lot of marketing out there. So it's crazy that I haven't done this one already. You've got a bunch of different colors. We obviously bought the black here and it basically did... This is a computer rendering picture of the thing, but it basically is the same.

Now they are making claims, 95%. But just saying KN95 is actually making a claim. Because the KN95 standard is a lot like the N95 standard. It's just that manufacturers are the ones that have to do all the testing. It resists droplets, five layer filtering, adjustable nose clip, subject to actual product. What does that mean? So I'm taking a look at this; it's a decent construction. It's pretty good. I'm not mad about it. You can actually... One thing that I'll point out here, you'll see that it says KN95, GB2626-2019. If the mask, the KN95, doesn't say that, it is not a KN95 mask. So it's good that they're saying that, but it doesn't say anything else. Part of the KN95 standard is that you have to put the manufacturer name on the mask and the model number. It's not on here.

What does that mean? It means it's not actually a KN95. Ooh. They're not even following the standard. Now typically when someone isn't bothering to read the standard, they're probably not doing all of the other tests, which there are about five tests that you have to do. And so I worry that they didn't do those other tests. We'll see what the results here, in terms of filtration. But this is not actually a KN95 mask. So I'm going to have to like dig them. Right. Let's check the ear loops out. I'm not pulling too hard, but that's pretty good. Why does that happen? Why, why? Every time. It's like I say to the gods, "That's pretty good." And then the gods are like, "Ha ha, Lloyd broke."

Yeah. That's not the best. I've seen better and not for nothing, but I like to have the full black. Oh, just kind of a nice little thing. I guess it tells you what side to do, but it's just when you see the edge of it. When I'm wearing this thing. All right. Last thing. Speaking of wearing, let's put this thing on. Oh, it looks pretty good though. Huh? It looks spelled. Huh? I still don't like that. I don't like the duck situation. Just not my style. Great fit though. To be honest, got to give them the fit. Ear loops are gorgeous. They feel pretty good. It's a good solid fit. Ooh.

This smells like a high end mall. Like in Vegas, next to the ARIA, where you walk in. It has that kind of like fresh, definitely it's a hint of plastics. There's like stuff being wrapped in here, but not terrible. All right. Let's check the results. Oh, nice. Okay. That makes sense. 99.55. No longer on the EUA. The emergency use list from the FDA. It is not an FDA approved mask. Not a thing. There's no mask that's FDA approved. So if anybody says that, look out, but it is a good mask. It's good. And that jives, because if you look at NIOSH, actually did a test as well of this mask and they came to similar results. Look at this 99, 99, 99.

Not a bad mask, not EUA, but not a bad mask. Because if I was going to choose a KN95 that was made in China, which most are, I'd probably choose this mask. It's not bad. Good price. Good fit. Good fold. All right. Thank you guys very much for watching. I appreciate you. Little rusty. My screens are all messed up. I'll get with it though. Stick with me. Don't worry. Next time, I will... The next four or five times I'll have the cameras down. Don't worry. Thanks very much. And I will catch you on that next test.


This is one of the most popular and in many ways controversial masks on Amazon.  WWDOLL is one of the many KN95 style masks manufactured by Chengde Technology co, which the CDC has called out multiple times for producing counterfiet and subpar products.

Why did this mask fail?

This particular mask did pass both filtration and breathability tests, but one of the basic parts of the KN95 standard requires putting the words GB-2626-2019 on the front of the mask, which this mask obviously doesn't have. 

There are many other tests a mask must pass beyond filtration and breathability according to the full KN95 standard, so if they didn't abide by this simple one...what else didn't they do?

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I’m looking at the WWDOLL KN95 masks I bought on Amazon and they very clearly do have the text GB 2626-2019 on them. I think it’s time to update this review.

Danny January 19, 2022

I received my order of 50 wwdoll GB 2626-2019 masks yesterday and am very disappointed. They are really too small for my face and very uncomfortable. I am surprised they were made in China. However, I will keep them hoping that maybe they will stretch enough to make them wearable. When I bend my face down the top of the mask actually goes into my eyes, fortunately I wear glasses so that is some protection.

Freda Parsons January 15, 2022

Because the KN95 standard requires that the mask have the words GB 2626-2019 written across the front of them…similar to how all real N95 masks have NIOSH approval numbers printed on the front. This mask did pass filtration and breathability tests…but there are many more tests a mask has to pass to fully meet the standard…and if the company didn’t even bother to put the numerical standard on the front…what else didn’t they do?

Josh January 09, 2022

If WWDoll mask is 99% filtration and the video says he likes it, why does the text review say fail?

Era January 09, 2022

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