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Video Transcript Hey, everyone. Welcome back to the place, we are testing every single mask in the world. Today we're looking at the WellBefore brand of masks, I've tested some before. I actually know these guys, they are based out of Dallas. Let's get this in the clamper and see what happens. Spoiler alert, last time pretty good score on this mask. But if you haven't seen that video, something crazy happened in it. So I'll put a link to it. I've never seen anything like that happen before. So these are the kids masks or their regular ages, 9 to 12, which is actually phenomenal that they do that. As someone that has kids that range from 15 to one, I can tell you that it's hard to find masks that fit.

All right, so this is their kids, but their largest kids mask, it's a light blue, it looks like. It's a good clamp. And we'll let it rip. This is a PFE machine, particulate filtration efficiency machine. We're doing the N95 test here, which is just like... It's very similar to the KN95 standard. Let's take a look at the listing, wellbefore.com, they sale a lot of products, they're pimped out a lot of these organizations. They are making a claim that is a KN95. I love this feature here where you can do the different ages. I think we're going to try those as well. That's so cool, I've not seen that before. It's genius and it's something that as a parent, I really like. Let's open up this. They're individually packaged. I can tell you as a manufacturer, it would be impossible for us to do at this price point in the United States and the packaging's phenomenal.

So yes, this is made in China, but what you're getting is something that would be impossible at this price point in the United States, just absolutely impossible. I know exactly the machine that does this. I know how much it costs. We were doing it. We did it for a while. We can't do it. We can't be competitive. So this is not a KN95. I'll just, won't harp on it. To be a KN95. You got to say KN95, you got to say the brand, manufacturer, but I'll give it to them, WellBefore, and then you got to say the standard, which you're holding yourself to. Which in this case is the GB 2626-20 19. I know this because they put it on the back of the packaging, but it's got to actually be on the mask itself. The reason for that is when you put it on the mask, you got to know if it's holding to standards.

And we'll call out real quick that this happens with kids masks sometimes, breathe ability super high. Not sure why that happens with kids masks, 183 pascals. I say that because I think that their adult mask was 169 pascals. So it's less breathable, which is not good for a kid. If anything, it should be more breathable. Efficiency looking pretty good. We'll talk about that after the test finishes, which it just did.

A couple features that are awesome. They've got this little adjustable thing. Man, these guys are good. This ear loop's awesome. They've got this adjustable thing for kids. I mean, we sell kids masks. These guys are well ahead on some of those features for kids. Because look, you can adjust it. And if you're a big kid like me, you can pull it out, get it bigger. Actually fits me pretty well, to be honest. The smell is slightly stronger on this than the adult mask. Which again, I don't like. For a kid, I think it needs to be better. It needs to be more breathable and not smell as much because kids are just good.

They're going to have problems, right? They're going to complain a lot more, at least my kids do. So yeah, you're getting that really strong Chinese polypropylene smell. I'm going to call this smell.... My kid wouldn't wear this for too long without complaining to me. I'm going to do this test here. This test here. Kids do this all the time on the ear loops. That looks pretty good. I'm going to do this test. That's interesting because on their adult mask, which I just had. In fact, it's so close, I'll just grab it. It's right here. Look at that.

I had to pull really hard to break one of the straps and the kid strap broke. Again, if anything, the kids should be stronger because kids are the ones that are actually going to yank on that thing, so. It's weird that the kids' mask is not as good as their adults mask. I'm not really sure why that is, maybe it's a new product. I know that when we're setting up a new product, it's hard for us to get everything just right. It could be that. With that said, all that, I mean, it seems to be a pretty good product, especially I've never seen the sizes for different age ranges, that they have on their website. That's really, really helpful for a parent. So those trade outs may or may not be worth it. Only you can decide that.

And let's look at the machine. I know you gave you a preview before and it ended right there. 97.794, 97.794. Again, breathability was a little high, well above standard on the actual efficiency, so that's good. And again, not technically a KN95. They're not meeting the standard because they're not putting the right things on the mask. Which, the reason I care about that is if you're missing those things, what other tests are you not doing? I can only do one of the tests because it's the quickest test here and there's actually about seven tests you have to do. So my question is, is their manufacturer... Which is the Guandong Marbon Daily Chemical LTD, is that manufacturer actually doing all the tests they need to do to meet the KN95 standard? We don't know.

All right guys, thank you so much for checking out the video. I appreciate your time and attention as always. And we're doing things a little bit differently. We've got a bunch of masks on our hands, so we're going to be dropping a new test every single day here at 10:00 AM. I will see you tomorrow on that next test.


Wellbefore makes great masks. When we tested this model we were impressed by the build quality, fit, and filtration.  The only issue was that the earlier models of this KN95 failed to have the standard GB 2626-2019 printed on the mask.  

The newer versions are now completely up to standard, which is why we are now comfortable marking this as a mask you should buy.

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