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Why did this mask fail?


Video Transcript Hey, everyone. Welcome back to the place where we're testing every single mask on Amazon, even ones that probably we have tested before, but we'll see, I don't know. This is the Hotodeal black KN95. Let's open it up and test it.

I just must love spending money and testing masks. That's why you guys got to send me some masks. I'll put my address in the below parts of this video, which is a technical term for the description. You know that. Right. So, I've definitely tested Hotodeal mask before and I've definitely tested from this manufacturer before and it's not a legit KN95, which if you've watched more than one of these videos, you already know just by looking. So this is a PFE machine particulate filtration efficiency machine. We're using this to do the N95 test. It's also good enough to do the KN95 test. So I can tell you if this is a legit KN95.

Let's take a look at this listing. This is by Hotodeal. Here's another Hotodeal that we bought. Here's another Hotodeal that we bought back in February. See. Not making this stuff. We bought this recently. But look at this, currently unavailable, currently unavailable. So this one, I mean, it's a very, very popular mask on Amazon. And the thing is, is we've seen it many, many times because it's by this company called the Chengde Technology Co Limited. They make a ton of different mask brands on Amazon, just a bunch of them. And I think it's like five or six different mask brands are all made by this particular company and they're all fake. Now, they may test well sometimes and sometimes they don't. Part of the reason for that is you just really cannot trust them because they're not following the standard. They're just trying to make money.

So how do I know they're not following the standard? Well, this is KN95. It says GB2626-2019. They're missing the most important thing, which is the manufacturer name. Imagine buying a car without the manufacturer name on it.

How would the police find you when you rob a bank? They wouldn't. They'd be like, "Oh, the make and model is ... I have no idea." And then you just get away with (beep). I don't think that's really a relevant example. So I could tell because China does require that anything that's exported from the country, it has the manufacture name on it, and that's why we can see it here. And I'm actually going to my database. Look at all the Chengdes that we've tested; [wwdoho 00:02:40], [Annenbros 00:02:40], [Nissar 00:02:40], wwwdoho, Hododeal. So they have a lot of different brands on here.

Most of the time, Chengde doesn't do a good job on the PFE filtration because they're just trying to make a buck. Sometimes they do and today is one of those days. 99.665. 99.655. So again, a good mask. What was the breathability on that? 175. 175. So a little bit on the high side. I wouldn't want to wear this for more than an hour if I had to. And there're just better masks out there and ones that you can trust, ones that are actually putting the right standards on and they're going to have the same breathabil ... this happened to have a really great thing. Oh, man. But one thing that Chengde does every time is the smell. You know what I'm going to call this smell? Chengde manufacturing. That's what I'm going to call this smell because it smells like ... These guys, you can hide, you can hide from the listing, but you can't hide from your smell, Chengde. I will find you by the way that you smell.

All right. Thank you guys so much for watching. I hope this has been enjoyable and if not, I just want your likes. That's all I want. Give me the likes, give me the likes. All right, I'll catch you on the next test. Thank you so much.


Although this mask passed both filtration and breathability standards there’s no GB marking, which is why it fails to meet standard. The KN95 standard requires that masks be stamped with GB2626-2019, which provides reassurance that the manufacturer constructed the mask according to current Chinese respirator standards.

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