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Video Transcript Hey, everyone. Welcome back to the place where we're testing every single mask that we can get our hands on. Today, looking at the Hope Health Supply masks that we bought on the internet. Not on Amazon, that's right. Let's put it in the clamper and see what happens. I can already tell by looking at just the listing that this is a fake KN95. And if this is the first time you're watching this channel, buckle up, because I'm about to teach you some things. Let's open this up. I actually don't mind the packaging, it's pretty nice. This is a very large mask, this may be the largest KN95 I've seen. I like hyperbole. All right and let's let her rip. This is a PFE machine, particulate filtration efficiency machine. If you want to find out more about what I'm doing here, I'm going to put a link up there, but we are basically doing the N95 test here because we're in a American medical mask factory. And that's what we test here, but it is roughly similar to the KN95 test.

So you're in luck. We're going to hold these guys accountable and see how good their mask is. I mentioned that I could tell just by looking at the listing itself, that this was not a KN95. How? Well it's right there. That's not a KN95. Let me show you what I mean. To be an actual KN95, you need three things. You need to say KN95. They did that. You need to say GB 2626-2019. What is all that stuff? Well, that is the executive standard that the Chinese government is holding you to. So you got to have that. And you got to have the manufacturer name. Now they're selling this to you as Hope Health Supply.

But if you look on the back it as manufactured by [ Zhang J Huang Yu 00:00:01:49] medical commodity co. So that's not actually the manufacturer name. They have a link here to their, supposedly their ... They say that, "This is our FDA registered can be found here and the register for Hope Health Supply's here." So here's Hope Health Supply. Anybody can do this. You don't have to make a product. You don't have to sell it. They're registering as an importer distributor. That's it, that's all they're registering us. So that doesn't do anything. The FDA does not look at the products you're importing. They don't look at anything. You're just registering on the FDA's website so that you can say that. And this is actually the company that is making it. That's interesting.

And that's different than what's on the bag. And by the way, what they're registered for is for a scavenging mask, not for this mask. It's for anesthesiology. Which I'm really proud of myself for saying that correctly. When I started the word, I was like, "I don't know if you can finish this, man." Hope Health Supply's claiming to sell a KN95 mask. We know it's not a KN95 because they're not doing the things that they say that they're supposed to be doing on the actual mask. And so the question is, if they're not doing really simple things like putting the manufacturer name and things like that, the question is like, "Can you trust them on all of the other tests?" Some of these tests take like 12 hours to do, "that they're going to protect you." Then on their website, they're saying, "Our KN95 registration on the FDA's website can be found here.

When you go here, it's actually not an N95 protective mask. You can click on this, this product code. It's for a scavenging mask. And now a scavenging mask is something that's used in dentistry. It doesn't look anything like this. And then the manufacturer they claim to be using, when you look at the bag is 12 hours away. These two manufacturers are 12 hours away from each other in China. So like what's going on guys? All right. That was good recap. That was okay. I've done better. But does it matter if it protects you? Right? Does any of that matter, Lloyd, all the stuff that you're saying, if your PFE machine, you keep talking about how many hundreds of thousands of dollars you're spending, does it protect you? A lot of preamble.

Okay. Close, close. 94.039, 94.039. The breathability was actually really high, 101.38 pascals. So that's really good. The breathability was really good and it was almost right there on the 95%, but they're not quite meeting it, but there are all these other tests that you have to do. I would almost guarantee, I would bet most of my lab that they're not doing the tests. The question is like, "Why not just stick with someone that's telling you the truth so that you know you can trust them?" There are plenty of manufacturers. Powecome's one of them, you can buy their masks on Amazon. You could get them delivered same day in most cities, great masks, great manufacturer. They don't lie to you. They're not going to make outrageous claims like this is FDA, because it's a KN95. Those aren't FDA registered. All right, I didn't do this. I got so carried away. This isn't the worst. It's definitely not the best. Welds are pretty centered. Let's do the smell test, but it actually is a little tight on my face to be honest.

It's a pretty strong smell. To be honest, it smells like Chinese poly ... Actually there's something in here. It smells like a recently cleaned hospital floor in China. I'm assuming, because I don't know the chemicals that they use here and it's like a little bit different. So it smells a little like Chinese plastic. All right guys, I've been all over the place. Is a little catawampus, my apologies. This was an adventure. This was a new one, Hope Health Supply. I think this is also a record for the longest video I've ever recorded. So there's that too. All right. Thank you so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed this adventure. If you end up buying this mask or not buying it because of this review, you can give me a like subscribe if you want to, but I'm not going to guilt you into it. I'm not one of those types instead. I'm just going to ask that you stick with me. We're dropping a new test every single day at 10:00 AM, and I will see you on that next test.


The Hope Health Supply KN95 Mask failed because it missed the filtration requirement (95%). The KN95 standard also requires that the mask have the manufacturer’s name and the appropriate technical standard, typically either "GB 2626-2019" or GB-2626-2006,” written across the front of the mask. This is similar to how official N95 masks display NIOSH approval numbers. This mask did not have the required identification on its front.

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I placed order for K95 masks in November 2023. I left 28 November for vacation and recently returned to find that I have not received the masks.
What happened?

J Rebecca Bash January 10, 2024

I’ve ordered the KN-95 masks for close to two years – no issues with shipping or the masks when they arrive HOWEVER, and have just noticed a sharp increase in price. Since I read the above review and lack of necessary requirements for the masks, I will no longer be ordering KN-95’s from this site.

Valerie Griffin January 29, 2023

Every time I order these masks, I receive them in a timely fashion. I have had no fitting issues, no straps breaking. Been using them for two years now, I would highly recommend them.

Bh November 13, 2022

I would give than less than a one star if I could. I also experienced a long delay and no response when I asked for an update. I then cancelled the order. I then contacted by credit card and after talking to the vendor they agreed to remove the charge. They shipped the order anyway, and are now telling me to pay, including a up charge, or they will send me to collections. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS FIRM.

Susan August 30, 2022

After originally being pleased with my order, my 2nd larger order came in with the same complaints that others have voiced. I reached out to them with no avail.

Carrie June 24, 2022

I have been wearing HOPE HEALTH SUPPLY KN95 masks for many many months. They were perfect design and fit. I ordered more and the new ones are TERRIBLE . DO you understand me? You have no quality control The masks STINK . The ear straps are too short and break easily. AND AND the mask now leaves a mark on my face. I’ve recommended these masks to many many people because even thought they cost more than many masks the extra cost was WORTHWHILE. What a huge ripoff it was for me to spend all this money on something that was PERFECT. I literally cannot wear the new bunch. Nasty toxic chemical offgassing and uncomfortable fit. Why did I waste my money? Never again. I guess you don’t care. You are making lots of $$$ off of consumers who are desperate

CLAUDIA SIEFER June 03, 2022

I purchased 3 packages of these masks. The mask is a good filter, but the ear straps hurt. They were shorter on one side of the mask than the other. The straps that were very short pulled right out of the mask. There was no quality check done for this product before it was packaged. I spent $39 and could only use some of the masks

C Toc April 22, 2022

Ordered two 5 packs of KN95 masks in white. The first pack every mask I took out, the straps broke. I was asked to write a review for them which was of course, negative and it was never published and my account was deleted. DO NOT ORDER FROM HOPE HEALTH SUPPLY!!!!

Jim Parsons April 12, 2022


I ordered KN95 masks from Hope Health Supply on 1/9/2022. I realized I’d made a mistake on 1/10/2022 and emailed them to cancel my order. I continued to email them to cancel my order through 2/2022. All phone numbers I found for HHS directed me to email them. I never received a response to any of my calls or emails. I contacted my credit card company to ask them to stop payment on my charge; instead, my credit card company said they would contact HHS; however I was told the process would take 60 days. They eventually notified me on 2/10/2022 that they were in the process of contacting HHS. On 2/17/2022, HHS informed me that they were mailing my order. I received my order on 2/21/2022. However, when I opened the mailing envelope, the unopened packages of masks inside gave off a very strong chemical odor. Due to that, I don’t feel it’s safe to keep and use these masks; what a waste of $86. I highly doubt that HHS will reply to my request to return these masks, as they have yet to reply to my repeated emails to cancel my order. Lesson learned…Do your research before you order masks….

Pam T February 26, 2022

Like everyone else I ordered January 6th. Wrote notes with no replies. Just received them. One of the packets was sliced open. The test never came with the order. Requesting money back. Definitely an incompetent company if not a fraud organization. Do not ever order anything from them.

Susan Mac February 22, 2022

This is a definite scam. I have waited ow for at least a month for my order (which was doubled without my wanting it to be doubled) of some $70.00 of N95 masks. Can we take them. to court?

Carol I Moeller Costa February 15, 2022

This is a definite scam. I was scammed too but got my money back almost immediately by PayPal.

Robert Burns February 14, 2022

Ordered masks 1/8/22, have not received them, there are two charges in my credit card, 1 for. 32.20 and 1 for 59.04. I don’t think I need these masks Amy longer so would like my card credited. Thank you. Terri

Terri Botz February 13, 2022

I ordered my masks, you all took my money out of my account, and now weeks later you haven’t sent my masks. SEND MY MASKS!

Lucinda McGuinn February 12, 2022

I clicked the wrong button on your order page and e-mailed a message 2 minutes later to cancel on Jan. 11th and you still sent me the order billing me $68 plus on my credit card. No invoice was in the package. Please advice on how to return this order. All I wanted was the 15 masks which I received, I don’t need 30 more for that price. My phone number is 608-221-1314. I have sent you 2 messages regarding this matter. Please reply.

Ptricia Johnson February 09, 2022

Where are my masks?? I ordered them weeks ago! ! Please send me my order!!

Carol Weir February 05, 2022

Like others here, my Jan 5 order charge went on my card right away. Feb 5, still no masks, no acknowledgement that I’ve emailed (they won’t answer their phones, but direct us to their email, which they don’t answer, either) several times to CANCEL this order and refund the charge. Yesterday, Feb 4, I get a notice that my order is ready to ship! This company is HOPE LESS. Glad to see that, if nothing else, I’m not alone!!

Claire L. Today February 05, 2022

I placed an order on Jan 5th2022 for 60 kn95 masks for 96.63 on Jan 10th I received a email comfirming my order and it is Feb 5th 2022 and as of today I have not received them. You charged my card on Jan 10th for them but I have not got them yet. What is your reason for this !!!!!?? Please advise my phone # is 651-768-8750 or email us at iversonjb@gmail.com

Judy Iverson February 05, 2022

I placed my order on 1/11/22 order # 573549 for $95.58 . I emailed you on1/24/22 checking on my order your reply was it was being processed. Please cancel my order and refund my money.

Sue McKinley February 04, 2022

I order KN95 mask on Jan 7, 2022 this is Feb 4, 2022 no masks and have emailed twice, no response Order #500945

Benjamin F Tobin February 04, 2022

Order # 554084
Ordered this item on January 9 it’s now February 1 no merchandise delivered but was billed for it anyway not right should be billed only after merchandise is shipped, if merchandise is not in stock I expect a complete refund on my credit card or I will contact the credit card company myself

Stephen Goldenberg February 01, 2022

Checking on my January, 2022 order 6118782 for $37.77. Your prompt attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.

Evelyn J. Gaines January 31, 2022

Checking on order status #532634.
Ordered Masks Jan 07, 2022.
I did receive a confirmation email with order number, but nothing since.
Already paid $$$ … but have not received any shipping info
or a courtesy response to my email regarding order status.

Eric Nickel January 27, 2022

I ordered the KN95 Masks Order number # #615517.
This was several weeks ago. I have not received the masks. Please advise.

Jo Gifford January 23, 2022

Were is my order placed on JAN 7 FOR 37.78. P LEASE ADVISE

Patrick j Verno January 22, 2022

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