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Video Transcript Hey, everyone. Welcome back to the place we're testing every single mask on Amazon. Sorry to say, but masks are over, I don't know if you heard. And we're going to test the masks. What, did the CDC make these? If you get that joke, well... Sorry. Sorry for your life. All right. These are the Maskover KF94 masks.

They are nicely sealed in a box that looks a lot like regular masks. Yeah, I'm getting in this. Oh, oh, oh, not only is this a soft touch box. And look at that. Oh, they paid extra. This is the apple treatment here for the extra shiny gloss. Look at the... Oh my gosh. What is happening right now? I'm sweating. Okay. Okay.

I [inaudible 00:01:04] knew it. These are not KF94s, this is the first fake KF94 that I've seen. Promise. Promise. Now, I have not read the KF94 standard. So I don't know exactly what is required, but I do know that you literally every KF94, and I'm just breaching into the nearest garbage can of the mask that we have tested, they look like this. It's like this flat mat. They all look like this. And they've got this, what some marketers would call it 3D design, for some reason. Opens up nicely. Nicely fitting around the face. It's the ninja look, right? Ninja doctor.
This is just a regular mask. That's all it is. This is just what we would call in the United States a 3-ply mask. But before I call it a 3-ply, let's see if it is. So they've got an outer layer of Spunbond. They've got a secondary layer of Spunbond.

And then they've got one layer of Meltblown. So a KF94 has usually two layers of Meltblown because it's an actual respirator. This is not the standard format. They're trying to make fetch happen, here is what they're doing. They're taking a standard 3-ply surgical mask, and then they're doing this weird indenture, and doing a different fold, and trying to pretend like it's KF94. Now, I don't know the standard. If you have the standard, send it to me. I want to read it. It could be that it's not super specific about what it needs to look like. And it's not better. It's not better. It's not better. Maskover, yeah, you named that, right? You're over. Gosh. All right. Let's put this in the test. We're going to test it anyways. And I'm going to use the respirator test. That's right, Maskover.

What is this brand name anyway? What is it? What are they trying to say? The lies. They just get to me. All right. This is a PFE machine, Particulate Filtration Efficiency machine. I'm doing the N95 test here, which is not what I would do on a surgical mask typically. It's a slightly different test. We use the ASTM test for that. We can use the same machine, but it takes a minute to reset it. This is a more aggressive test, but they're the ones that are calling themselves a KF95, or four, whatever. So this looks to be just like a standard 3-ply mask that they're marketing as a KF94. I'm pretty sure that's not the standard. Not so bad, actually. Am I missing something, smell test? Smell test. Smells like [inaudible 00:03:56]. I hate this mask. It doesn't smell good. Smells... Doesn't smell great. 99%. Pretty good mask. Breathability, horrible, horrible. You can't breathe in that. Final result, 99.746%. Fine, you pass that test, Maskover. You know what? This video's over. I'm out. I'm out. [inaudible 00:04:20] Garbage. Maskover!

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The site says gives this a mask a PASS, however the video review gives this is a FAIL. Considering the whole review was a dumpster fire, looks like the site is wrong.

Raj January 24, 2022

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