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Video Transcript Welcome everybody, to the place we're testing every single mask on Amazon, including KN94s. Today, we're looking at a ton of KN94s and they are not disappointing, friends. They are just not. We are looking today at the Kyungin Flax mask. Sounds like some sort of dietary supplement of some kind. I'm not really sure, but let's see if it's a good mask, too. I switched to the wrong camera there.

We're going to put this in the clamper. Love KF94's packaging. They're always in these nice individually packed things, which I think is just great. I actually usually keep KF94s in my car and in my suitcase and things like that, just because in case I need a mask and I don't have one of my masks. My packaging just isn't as good, to be honest.

Good clamp, and we will let it rip. This is a PFE machine, particularly filtration efficiency machine. Let's talk about this mask, the Kyungin, I can't say it. Flax. We're just going to call it Flax mask. So really excited that Amazon has just blown up recently with KF94s. Theses did not exist a couple of months ago. Very excited that those manufacturers are finding a place on Amazon because they're really good. And in fact, I would say they have great safety, great safety. Anti-trouble skin, anti-trouble skin. I don't know. Easy breathing, I get that one. Great packaging.

All right, let's try this. Oh, I was right. Flax, it's the Flax mask. Flax mask. Oh, wow. That's great. Well, I gave it too much. That's not fair. Not fair. Let's try another one here. White on white, on white, on white. On, okay. Great nose wire. Oh, this mask smells like a citrus delight, just like a beautiful, bright. You're going to give this one best smelling mask of the day, for sure. It's a little bit, feels like it could be a little bit tighter on me, but wow. It's great. It's just very fresh. Wonder if they're adding something in it. It smells almost too good. Worries me. But does matter, if it doesn't protect you?

Let's check out the results. Timmy, that's that name of the machine by the way, the filtration efficiency. Wow, 99.661 99.661. Oh, what? Oh man, I missed this one. So I'm actually going to just show you. Flax, wanted to recommend you, but this is not good. What did you see that, 245? So an N95 has to be, oh wow, below 250 to pass the N95 test. That one was spiking above for a minute.

The filtration's great, but you do have to balance filtration with breathability because air will find a way. I mean, if you put a brick on your face, 100% filtration, but also 0% breathability. So yeah, this is too high for me to recommend this mask. Flax mask wanted to recommend you, unfortunately I cannot. There are better breathing KF94 masks out there. Put a link to all the tests we've done, you can see for yourself. You can find almost all of them on Amazon. That's just a sad way to end a day, to be honest. Flax mask, I'm sorry. Next time.

All right. Thank you guys so much for watching. I appreciate you. Give me a like or subscribe if you want, or if you don't, I mean, I think you should just look inside yourself about what makes you so such an angry person. Contemplate on that and I will catch you on the next test.


Made by KN Flax, these KF94s are some of our favorite style of masks. Also, KN Flax is a Korean manufacturer, which is how you know these masks are legit. Our tests back that up, showing a 99.66% filtration rating. 

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Dear Armburst Team, Greetings! I am Elaine Remo, working for MedPharm under the Sourcing Unit. We are a distributor & based in Guam, USA. I am writing to inquire if you can supply & sell directly to MedPharm.
If so, I kindly request to provide your tentative formal sales quotation for these items today or as soon as possible.
Furthermore, I would like to confirm & kindly provide the following documents for vetting process/ further evaluation:
(1) if the item AND/OR the company is US FDA Registered/cleared /GMP certificates/EUA Letter, MSDS AND/OR has/have Safety certificates like ANSI, ASTM, ISO, cGMP, Intertek, NIOSH, CDC, ETL, SGS CE,UL etc. (whichever is applicable), (2) availability/ lead time, (3) packing dims & weight & (4) freight cost / to provide estimated freight or shipping cost. We would like to ask your assistance in getting the best price. It would be highly appreciated if you regard us with discount.

*To provide Company’s Business License and TIN/EIN/ W9 documents (whichever is applicable) & provide also 3 (THREE) reference customers of your company
Here are the following details/ specifications that we need:
Description: KF94 MASKS, BLACK 60 PCS/ PACK
Quantity: 26 PACKS
To kindly provide the details:
Contact Person:
Tel & Fax no.:
Email address:
Supplier website:
Credit Terms:
Mode of Payment:
Kindly include the discount, freight cost especially the lead time for these items our Shipping Address is at Medpharm 138 Kayen Chando Dededo, Guam 96929. Though if you can’t ship directly to Guam, we have CTSI Logistics in California as our forwarder- Address is at 1957 East Gladwick Street Rancho Dominguez, CA 90220. Thank you and Keep safe. Looking forward for your favorable response. Regards, Elaine Remo (Sourcing staff)
Elaine Remo May 10, 2023

This mask KNFlax failed your test, but shows passed.

KK Fazekas June 18, 2022

Do you have an M side?

Patricia Campos February 23, 2022

The ones I have say Manufacturer: KYUNGIN FLAX CO. LTD – Made in Korea.

Aaron Davis February 06, 2022

The previous comment is correct: Chengde Technology Co., LTD., is located in Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China

If these masks are made by Chengde Technology, but labeled ‘Made in Korea,’ then they are absolutely fake.

Stephen Herrington February 01, 2022

I’m pretty sure the manufacture of this Korean made mask is “KYUNGIN FLAX CO., LTD.” and not “CHENGDE TECHHNOLOGY CO., LTD.” which is a Chinese company – Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Dave January 23, 2022

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