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Video Transcript Hey, everyone. Welcome back to the place we are testing every single mask on Amazon. Today we are looking at a lot of KF94 masks. Love KF94 format because no one ever seems to bother to counterfeit it. You could put pretty much trust that the KF94 format.. If you buy something, it says KF94, it's going to be a good mask.

Except people started copying it. We just found two counterfeit ones back-to-back. I'm still reacting to it, to be honest. Then, I happen to get this one, the KF94 Leaf. It sounds so great. You look at the listing. Masks for women, men, 20 packs, earth tone print mask. That's so nice. Leaf, it just feels nice. Like you can trust it.

Then you look on the back and then you see made in China. Now what, do I hate things that are made in China? No, I actually don't. Besides pretty much everything's made in China. This camera's probably made in China, this machine is made in China, everything's made in China, but KF94 masks are not made in China. In fact, the one thing that makes KF94, so great is that the Korean FDA, watch all the manufacturers very closely. There's no funny business, but this is made in China, which means what? It's not a KF94. This will be interesting to see if this passes standards using our machine here. I will stop yapping and I will open this up and get it. Now one sort of dead giveaway, actually with just about all of them, except for the Air Queen, which didn't seem to be a real KF94. There was another one that... MH health?

MH Care.

MH care. Let's get this going. This is a PFE machine. I'm doing the N-95 mask test on a KF94. That's to let you know what the filtration is, so you know if you can trust the mask and the fabric. Most Korean masks show up in a package like this, and almost all of them are individually packaged. This kind of packaging is super expensive. In the United States, it would cost me... Unless I was ordering at a massive scale. It would cost me like 40 cents just for one of these packs. The masks don't even cost that much to make, so pretty insane that they put them in this beautiful packaging. That's one dead giveaway. If something comes in a box like this and claims to be a KF94, it probably is not a KF94. This one is not a KF94. Now whether that translates to being safe for you or not is another matter entirely.

I'm going to look at this real quick. That broke more quickly than I would normally see on a KF94. I'm going to try this on really fast. Oh wow. The construction is not great. The ear loop is kind of... This smells like a KN95. That's what I'm going [inaudible 00:03:29] smells like KN95. China, I think the polypropylene they use has a certain smell to it. It's a very plasticky smell and this smells exactly like it.

Let's switch over here to the PFE machine, we're going to do this live. Look at this, airflow is 250 pascals. That's above the N95 standard. I'm going to be honest. I don't know what the KF-95 standard is. 260 now. That's not a very breathable mask. I want a mask that's below 150. That's what I'm looking for. That's something I think I would call all-day breathability. Being 250 that's way too high. Now look, they did hit that filtration efficiency.

Look, the Chinese actually invented modern melplin technology. They know what they're doing. Chinese got a bad rap for some stuff recently when it comes to masks, but honestly, they can make an amazing mask and they invented most of the technology around it. So this is not a surprise that we're getting 98.778%. The airflow resistance, the breathability that's really bad. This is not a real KF94. I would buy a real KF94 if I were you. I've got a list right below. Support the beautiful Korean format. The one that the Korean FDA looks at and don't support these knockoff guys, KF Leaf, come on, don't support them. That's not a good mask. I would not buy this mask.

All right, guys, thank you so much. Hope you learned a little bit about KF94's today because you know, that means that when you get up in the morning and you look at yourself in the mirror, you know you're just a little bit lamer. Thank you so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I liked making it. Give me a like or subscribe and I will catch you on the next mask test.


The AOTDAOU KF94 Leaf Mask failed because the KF94 standard requires that the mask itself is made in South Korea, and overseen by the Korean version of the FDA. That means even if a KF94 mask passes filtration and breathability tests, the mask will receive a failed score if it wasn't made in South Korea and overseen by the proper authorities. According to this mask’s packaging, it was made in China. 

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