Child-Size Face Masks - USA-Made Kids 3ply


Color: Denim
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Black vs Blue/Pink masks

Our Black masks come off of a different machine line than our Blue and Pink masks, and have a slightly different form factor.  These masks are made with the same care and quality materials you've come to expect from Armbrust.

Children, and those with smaller faces, should have access to the highest quality disposable face masks. 

Our Pediatric Face Masks are constructed using materials that filter <95% of airborne particulates.  Made from raw virgin polypropylene, our masks feature our proprietary Electrostatic Armor Meltblown filtration within the inner layer to provide the utmost protection available.

Designed, developed, and produced at our Texas facility, each mask is rigorously tested for quality and safety. Buy with confidence.

Available Colors:

Blue kids masks 

Black kids Masks

Grey kids Masks

Pink kids masks 

White kids masks


✓ Made From the highest quality materials and tested to filter 95% of particulates 
✓ Triple-layered, breathable, and lightweight
✓ Secure fit
✓ Two-way protection, w/Electrostatic Armor Filtration
✓ Made in America 
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 | Shipped in sealed box of 50 masks.

Triple-layered, breathable, and lightweight
Metal nose bridge for secure fit & less glasses fog
Two-way protection
FDA-Cleared (American-Denim Only)
Rated at ASTM F2100 Level 3
Made in America
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I’ve seen folks wear a surgical mask every possible way, but there’s only one correct way to wear one. Luckily, it’s pretty simple. Typically, the colored side is meant to face front, the faded or white part is meant to be placed against your face.

How to wear a face mask

When looking at the front of a mask, you’ll see four weld points where the polypropylene attaches to the ear loops. The top is where the nose wire is located, where a piece of extruded galvanized wire is placed to fit over your nose. Now that we have the mask anatomy down, here’s you to properly put on your mask.

  • Hold mask out in front of you.
  • Place earloops over your ears.
  • Tighten the nose wire around the nose. Experts say that the wire should run along the top of your cheekbones.
  • Pull the mask down to fully extend across your face for optimal protection.

Simple as these instructions are, it may help it if you watch someone properly put a mask on. Luckily, the video above does just that.

How to wear a surgical mask


Armbrust USA Mask Factory

Below are independently verified lab results from the several required tests, in which Armbrust masks returned better margins than required by established standards.

FDA Letter: 510K Approval - Armbrust Surgical Masks

Disposable Face Mask Colors Lab Results (Nelson Labs)

Better Mask High Filtration System Lab Results:

Filtering Facemask Respirator  (AA-1776) Lab Results:

Surgical Mask Lab Results:

Armbrust American is an FDA registered manufacturer, which has taken additional measures to ensure its surgical masks exceed the highest possible safety and quality standards. The company has submitted its masks to third-party testing facility Nelson Labs to receive an ASTM Level 3 rating, the "gold standard," highest practical rating for a mask like this. 


BFE Test ( BFE Test Full Report)

“Bacterial Filtration Efficiency” is a test that shows the amount of bacteria that can get through our masks. Nelson Labs used aerosolized Staphylococcus Aureus to test Armbrust masks, and despite accidentally using nearly 10 times the amount that is usually required for a test like this, they passed with 99.2%+ Efficiency -- well above the ASTM II & III requirements.

BFE Test Results

PFE Test ( PFE Test Full Report)

“Particle Filtration Efficiency” tests the size of particles that can pass through a mask. Armbrust masks were well above the 98% required for ASTM II. It should be noted that a PFE rating of 98% typically blocks most particles down to about 0.3 microns — the Staphylococcus Aureus bacteria used in our BFE test can get as small as 0.1 micron (about the size of the CoronaVirus).

PFE Test

Differential Pressure Test ( Differential Pressure Test Full Report)

This test is used to determine the breathability of Armbrust surgical masks. Sure, you might be able to block viruses, but can you still breath? Even with our higher BFE of 99%+, we passed with much better breathability than normal — in most cases under 4.9 (mm H2O/cm2) versus the requirement of being less than 6.0 (mm H2O/cm2) — also attached.

Differential Pressure Test

Synthetic Blood Penetration Test ( Synthetic Blood Penetration Test Full Report)

This procedure was performed to evaluate surgical face masks and other types of protective clothing materials designed to protect against fluid penetration. The purpose of this procedure is to simulate an arterial spray and evaluate the effectiveness of the test article in protecting the user from possible exposure to blood and other body fluids. All 32 masks tested passed synthetic blood spray at 160 mmHg with no penetration seen. ( See the test in action)

Flammability Test ( Flammability Test Full Report)

Meant to ensure that a face mask will not ignite and burn for more than 3.5 seconds. All of our masks burned for less than one second, passing this requirement.

Flammability Test

Cytotoxicity Test ( Cytotoxicity Test Full Report)

Designed to test if people will have a reaction when wearing our masks. On a scale of 0–4, with zero being no reaction and four being a severe reaction, masks that on average hit a 2 or lower pass this test. All of our masks received a grade of 0 and passed.

Cytotoxicity Test


Irritation Intracutaneous Toxicity Test ( Irritation Intracutaneous Toxicity Test Full Report)

"The purpose of the study is to determine the potential irritation effects of the test article extract as a result of an intracutaneous injection in New Zealand White rabbits."

Sensitization Kligman Maximization Test ( Sensitization Kligman Maximization Test Full Report)

"The purpose of the study was to determine the potential allergenic or sensitizing capacity of the test article. The study was used as a procedure for screening of contact allergens in guinea pigs and extrapolating the results to humans, but it does not establish the actual risk of sensitization."

Customer Reviews

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Asa Brown
Great masks

We have been using these masks since the start of COVID and they’re always predictable and rarely break.

Thank you for your review and continued support! We so appreciate it.

Great fit

I feel like I am swimming in the adult size so I get the kids size and they fit perfectly snug with no gapping.

Stephanie B
Great face mask for kids.

My son likes his face mask so much specially the design. The loop is soft and doesn’t hurt his ears. Fits well too.

Marissa H.
These masks are great!

They are to big for my 6.5 yr old boy but I tie the ear loops to make it work. They fit my 3rd grade girl and my self (5’2”) perfectly.

Ngai W.
My son love the masks

My son love the masks very much. It has high quality and beautiful color. Thanks for keeping my family safe!

Michelle G.

My daughter loves these mask they are much easier on her ears and not itchy and there’s no smell.

Katie T.
We love these masks. They’re

We love these masks. They’re very well made and comfortable to wear.

Shirley S.
Love the kids masks! They

Love the kids masks! They fit perfect and are comfortable for all day at school. I love that they have N95 filtration and block 99% particles. I have looked at almost every kids mask out there and these have the highest level protection I can find. I also love that they are Made In The USA! And the fact that they are hypoallergenic for my child’s sensitive skin is the cherry on top! These checked all my boxes and even more than I was expecting. I definitely recommend these for anyone that wants the highest level, safest snd most comfortable protection for your little ones or any of your loved ones! 5 stars from me!

Jennifer F.
These masks fit great under

These masks fit great under my daughter’s (11 yrs old) glasses, they’re comfortable, and seem to offer good protection, fitting really well on her face.

Yanjue J.