Armbrust Ear Savers


Ear Savers per Pack:
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Not only do we believe every American should have access to medical-grade face masks at a great price, but we also want those masks to have an ideal fit.

Armbrust American Ear Savers are intended to provide a better, more comfortable fit by pulling a mask’s ear loops back behind the head. Simply place each of the nylon ear loops around the groves on either side, and then adjust the mask accordingly.


✓ Compatible with Armbrust Surgical Masks, Pediatric Medical Masks, and KN95 Respirators 

✓ 5 individual ear savers

✓ Adjustable, for a secure fit

✓ Enhanced comfort around the ears

✓ Made in America 

✓ Free Shipping

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Paul K.
I bought the ear savers

I bought the ear savers because sometimes I wear a mask 16 hours a day.
After a 16 hour day of mask wearing the top of my ears are rubbed raw.
You ear savers have stopped that and I can';t thank you enough.

David L.
Keeps the mask more snug

Keeps the mask more snug to my face than it otherwise could be, and far more comfortably. I can get the mask so tight my glasses don';t fog, and because the Armbrust masks are so well made, they put up with being drawn so tight, without fail, hour after hour!

Yan W.
I am a health care

I am a health care provider. I brought a lot of surgical masks. they are high quality of masks and its made in USA. Recently I ordered 20 ear savers, my patients told me they liked it also.
I wish they have Sigle packed of surgical masks (one in each package), I will definitely order more. thank you armbrust.

regina schuch

Recently got behind the ear hearing aids and the mask loops were pulling off or getting tangled in the hearing iad. These were recommended by customer service at Armbrust. They actually work. I am able to wear the masks lower on my neck without any issues with my hearing aids. Definitely recommend them.

Thank you for your review! We are glad the ear-savers are doing their job well.

Dennis Sergent
Truly Ear Savers!

Very happy with quality of these ear savers. I wear a mask all day at work and the ear saver makes a bog difference. Thank you!

Happy to hear the ear savers are doing their job well!

Thank you for your support.

Betsy Devine
Great item, wonderful yet inexpensive gift

These greatly increase comfort of mask wearing. I keep re-ordering these because I keep giving away the extras I carry to people who clearly need them. For people with big heads, these ear savers are a godsend.

Patricia L.
Masks are ok, but good luck if you need to return!

I would say that the masks are ok. They should suit our needs. The kids masks are not for my 10 year old. They are too small. I purchased 2 boxes, one of which I would like to return the one unopened box. I am trying to follow the instructions for return (starting with an email). Over a week now and 3 emails with no response. VERY disappointing. I wanted to purchase the adult version, but because of this customer service issue, I will not purchase anything more from this company. So disappointed!

Henry C.
They are usable, but not

They are usable, but not as easy to get on and off as others I';ve had.

Sheila M.

Actually works pretty well!

Patricia L.
It is too big and pulls on my hair.

Too big.