Armbrust USA-Made KN95 Mask


Color: White
Masks Per Box:

(Small KN95  masks ship in kids packaging...but are a great choice for smaller faced adults.)

Our USA-KN95 masks are constructed in the US with 100% American-made materials. 

KN95 masks are an incredibly popular respirator design. The cone shape provides a tighter seal than surgical masks, while many find the ear loops more comfortable than the head straps found on traditional cup-style N95 masks.

It's a good design, but after testing hundreds of KN95s that we bought on Amazon, we consistently found that the most popular ones don’t even follow the Chinese safety standards they're based on -- with almost half failing the most important 95% protection standard. 

People deserve a high quality, American-made KN95 that has been tested to exceed the highest safety standards — but since it didn’t exist, we made it.

Made in USA
KN95: GB-2626-2019
20 masks per box
Cone Shape / Earloops

Mask Coverage Area

Regular KN95 size

Certificate of Conformity

Material Composition 

  • Outer Layer: Polypropylene spunbond

  • Filter: Meltblown non-woven electrostatic-charged 3 layers

  • Inner Layer: Polypropylene spunbond

  • Nose Clip: Adjustable double-wire.

  • Earloops: Two-strap cloth elastic headband


  • Description: KN95 Non-Powered Air Purifying Particle Respirator 

  • KN95 Registration Number: GB-2626-2019 

  • Part Number: USA-KN95

  • 20 KN95 Respirators per box

Return policy: We cannot accept returns of any open packages of KN95 masks.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 672 reviews
Madeleine Drapeau

These masks are SO much nicer than the ones I had been purchasing from a different source. LOVE the fact that they are individually wrapped. It protected them when the box was crushed during delivery! So glad I set up a monthly delivery for these! Thanks, guys! Great JOB!

Thank you for your support!

We are proud to manufacture protective masks individually wrapped, so you can be sure of their sterility!

Georgia Bargmann
Peace of mind and USA-made too!

These are great USA-made KN-95 masks. We can go out in public knowing we are very well protected.

So happy we can give you that peace of mind!

Beth Jassin
The new KN-95 mask

Although I was very happy with the previous KN-95 Armbrust mask, the new model feels lighter and the metal piece without the sponge foam of the previous model, feels more securely fit over my nose. All in all I am pleased with it.

Glad to hear the new and improved material is working nicely for you!

Barbara Sciangula
So far so Good!

I like these masks they seem secure on my face and comfortable, easy talking. Thanks

We are happy these comfortable masks are giving you the protection you deserve!

Thumbs up

We were always satisfied with the previous kn95 masks. Looking at the the masks they do see a bit thinner. Have worn them and find them to be just as comfortable as the previous version

Thank you for your review!

Glad to hear the new design is fitting comfortably.

Jennifer Henderson
defective earloop

I have been very satisfied with the formerly manufactured KN95 masks for the adult size in white and children (small) size in white and gray for over a year now. Yesterday, I received my order for the new black KN95 for adult in the 5 pack size to try the "new" version. The first mask I pulled out to put on and immediately, the earloop snapped before putting it on. I never had this issue with the prior version in white with the foam around the nose. I needed to tie the one earloop to wear and find there is an immediate odor which is leaving a bad taste in my mouth and creating some respiratory irritation/headache. Also, my reading glasses are steaming up. I thought the "new" masks indicated a better fit with reduced/eliminated issue of glasses fogging up. This may be due to tying one side - not sure. This is my first time trying the KN95 in black as I have always purchased the white KN95 in the past. I love Armbrust mask but not a huge fan of this particular item primarily due to the odor. I hope the material for the white masks do not have the same issues. I do not think I will order the black again.

Thank you for letting us know! While we strive to make the perfect mask every time sometimes an order falls through the cracks.

I have reached out to you privately to continue this conversation.

Look forward to hearing back!

SallyK (for online)
Wow Even Better Now

Jan 2023: I love your latest improvements with the thinner, more breathable fabric but still-excellent test ratings. That is perfect, I want something that does not stifle my breathing. Also, congrats on the shape, you clearly worked hard to find the exact outline to fit all faces. I want a mask that lays flat against my skin & has an ample breathing and speaking pocket, so this is amazing. Love the improved elastic too. I have a smaller more angular face and this fit feels good, but I like to have a really TIGHT fit so I just add “ear loop buckles” (easily & very cheaply obtained online). I know I could buy the children’s size instead but this is my perfect setup.

Thank you for your review!

We are so glad the more breathable, yet protective, design fits so well!

Masks have changed

The KN95 masks that I received in December 2022 are quite a bit different from the ones that I received a year or so ago. The new masks are thinner, have different ear loops and no longer have a foam piece at the nose bridge. I am unable to assess the relative effectiveness of the two different products but they new once appear to be flimsier and perhaps more cheaply made and seem to resemble BNX masks. The attached pictures show the differences with the old mask in purple on the left (although the old gray ones were identical) and the new version in gray on the right.


I especially like the nose piece , it is sturdy and comfortable.

Fits well!

I needed a mask that fit well since I’m about to get in a plane for the first time since late 2018, and I’m nervous about it, especially now that masks aren’t required in airports and on planes. This mask fits beautifully, but since I’m home alone most of the time, I’m not used to having such a string filter. Im finding it impossible to breath…but maybe I’ll feel more secure in the plane wearing this mask. Thank you!