USA-Made Flat-Fold Surgical Masks (510k)



The worlds most popular mask shape 
is finally being held to an American standard.

Throughout the pandemic we tested hundreds of our competitors KN95 masks to see if they actually protected people. The manufacturers of these unregulated respirators love to make all sorts of claims -- especially that they are "made in FDA-Registered facilities," which is meaningless since the FDA doesn't regulate KN95s.

The Chinese GB-2626 KN95 standard is good, but since it's a foreign standard it lacks any kind of regulatory oversight. And, our hundreds of tests prove that many foreign made KN95 masks are making claims they can not back-up, too.  

Your health is too important to leave to chance. At Armbrust American, we hold ourselves to a higher standard.

The Best of Both Worlds

When done right, the flat-fold KN95-style respirators provide a better seal than a traditional 3-ply surgical masks, which is why we've decided to combine the best of both worlds and make ourselves accountable across the board.

Our Armbrust USA-KN95 is an FDA-cleared surgical mask, a 510k mask with the improved fit/seal provided by the KN95 shape.

Designed, developed, and manufactured in our American facilities, each mask is rigorously tested for quality and safety.

Our cutting edge, beyond clean facilities are working at full speed around the clock to produce these regulated, and damn-near perfect masks.

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(Want different color options? Click here for American Made KN95 Masks.)  


✓ 4 Layers of protection, breathable, and lightweight
✓ Metal nose bridge for secure fit & less glasses fog
✓ Two-way protection
✓ FDA-Cleared 

✓ Rated at ASTM F2100 Level 3 (Lab Results)
✓ Made in America 
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Intended Use:

This device is intended to be worn to protect both patients and healthcare personnel from transfer of microorganisms, body fluids, and particulate material. It is intended for use in infection control practices to reduce the potential exposure to blood and body fluids. This is a single-use, disposable device that is provided non-sterile.

Do Not Use For:

Toxic gases, vapors, oil based aerosols, asbestos, arsenic, cadmium, lead, methylene dianiline (MDA) or CM any other airborne substance where concentrations exceed OSHA standards, or applicable government regulations, whichever is lower.


This device does not provide oxygen. This is a single use device and should be disposed of properly after it is worn.


These masks should be stored in a cool, dry place. Avoid excessive heat above 140 F.

How to wear

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Kathleen Faith
Love these masks.

See above.

Karen Elliott

Very pleased with the fit of these masks. My order came promptly.

Deanna Taylor
Very Comfortable

Comfortable, fits well and easy to use

Laura E.
They are even softer!

I recently ordered more of the KN95-style masks. When I tried them on, I realized something was different. The seemed to be even softer than before. Was it my imagination? No, because I found a letter in the box stating they had made improvements! The best mask is now even better.!

Hope Wright
Excellent quality mask!

Very pleased with my purchase. Have ordered 3 boxes so far ( over the course of this pandemic) and I feel safe and confident in the quality, workmanship and ability of the mask to filter virus and bacteria from getting in or getting out. My risk of exposure as well as the possibility of my exposing another person to unwanted virus and bacteria, is minimal. Before using these masks, I was extremely reluctant to leave the house and go grocery shopping. Now I feel safer... especially since being vaccinated. Masks and vaccines work.

Nathaniel Henderson Jr
Great Mask

These are the most comfortable masks I have worn. Great product!!

Melinda Mata
Most comfortable KN95

I believe the fit and comfort are the best I have found so far. And, for me, it is a plus they are "Made in America"!

beatrice jette
Satisfied confused

I’m very happy with the fit and breath ability. I’m still not sure if these are in Qualified kn
95 masks though.

Tamara Bernardo
Mislead on website!

Wasn’t aware the masks were surgical masks. I tried to order white KN95’s and the website went to the picture that looked like KN95. They were $39.90 (that’s with 30% off) so I assumed they were KN95’s. The fit is the same, but not impressed with the thinness. I have medical reasons why I ALWAYS wear a KN95 around others! Are you not making KN’s anymore??? I was going to return them but I don’t know when I can get the real KN95’s. They were the SAME price as KN’s. Please let me know when I can order the regular KN95’s. I’ve used Armbrust for a long time.

Oregon girl

I wanted some 'over the ear' GOOD, American made KN95 masks and I found them. Yes, these are great! Fit well, comfortable and easy to breathe through and well-tested for effectiveness. Thanks!