Armbrust Mask Sampler Kit

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There's no such thing as a universally perfect mask.

All the masks we sell have greater than 95% filtration, but that filtration is only as good as how well the mask fits your face and how comfortable it is. Some people prefer soft ear-loops of KN95 or the soft fabric of a surgical mask. Others like the breathability of duckbill-style N95 respirators, or even the convenience of a fold-style masks. 

People’s faces come in an infinite variety: thick beards, small chins, sensitive ears, beautiful Romanesque noses — all of which can make finding the best mask to protect you a struggle.

PPE can be expensive, and we realize that it would cost well over $1,000 to buy a box of every mask we sell. That's why we've created the Mask Sampler Kit, so you can find the perfect mask for you and your unique face. 

We feel so strongly about people getting better masks that we're selling these kits below our costs to make them available to you. And, we're working with the manufacturers to drive the price down even lower. This is our mission and it's too important for profit.

Each kit comes with every American-Made mask we sell and in every size we offer, including 10 N95 Respirators, 10 Surgical Masks, 2 KN95 masks, and an Armbrust Ear Saver.

Brands included: 

  • Armbrust American
  • Indiana Face Mask
  • Aegle
  • Protective Health Gear
  • Demetech 
  • Shawmut 
  • ACI 
  • Gerson 

Styles Included:

  • 3ply Surgical Masks
  • KN95 Respirators
  • N95 Flat Fold Respirators
  • N95 Cup Respirators
  • N95 Duckbill-Style Respirators

Each mask option comes individually sealed and marked  with a QR code that links to all the mask fit instructions. Please follow the approved instructions to ensure proper use.

*Remember: This is a sampler kit, and these masks should be considered samples —  not protective gear. NIOSH regulations stipulate that all N95 masks must be sent in their original packaging, which these obviously are not. 


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Customer Reviews

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Dr, Dawn Karima
Valentine's Sampler...Love keeps others safe!!!

What a delightful Valentine! I received the Armbrust sampler for Valentine's day! Not your ordinary sampler of chocolates or candy...when I pulled back the cute stickers and tissue paper, a variety of masks appeared! Respirators, duckbill, surgical...even child sized are part of a wide selection of masks in this sampler. A fit guide helped me to choose the best mask and a promo code means that I can afford to buy them.Best part? These masks are extremely high quality and made in the USA, which means jobs for fellow Americans! I liked this sampler so much that I re iewed it on my award winning podcast, CONVERSATIONS WITH DAWN KARIMA, and named Armbrust as the sponsor of the 2/15/23 episode!

Thank you for your kind words!

Our sampler kit is filled with 10 surgical masks, 10 N95 masks, and two sizes of KN95 masks! A sweet gift, indeed!

Jenna Carodiskey-Wiebe
I love the Demetech!

I've been wanting to try the Demetech for months, but didn't want to commit to a full box. I discovered it's a great mask for my job (2 year old teacher) combining protection and breathability. Plus I have other masks to try and share!

Glad to hear that the Demetech was a great fit out of the sampler kit!

Jan Kern

What a great way to discover your ideal mask! We tried them all and were surprised to settle on the same one. Doesn't have to go that way since there are so many options for types of masks, ways they attach, and the different fits. We created a list and a rating system, and both my husband and I discovered we prefer the over-the-ear straps for comfort and fit. We chose the Armbrust fold for fit and comfort!

Masks packaged with care

This sampling of masks was mailed to me immediately, and with thoughtful packaging. Only two of them fit me, though I was pleased to be able to narrow down which ones would be best to buy - so this sampler has saved me from what would have been a much greater expense ahead (through a sight unseen trial and error approach). Thank you Ambrust for the sampler!

Hello! We are so happy that you were able to find a mask for your from your sampler kit! We truly appreciate your support!


i would like to see more color options


Great price. And gave me all the information I needed to make a decision. Arrived in great shape.

Bruce Hecht
sampler pack try on

Great opportunity to find out which mask fit best as well as how to fit test

Thank you for your review!

The sampler pack is so very helpful when deciding which mask is the best for you!

A great way to test masks

With so many masks available the sampler is a great way to test some of the best available masks for a reasonable price. My sampler arrived quickly and was well packaged. I haven't tried all the masks yet, so opinions on each mask will come later.

We are so happy you were able to enjoy and take advantage of this great deal!


Total rip off I’d like my money back

Norma Volkmer

Great variety to test different masks. Just wish there were some more ear loop style masks.