Armbrust USA-Made Kids KN95 Mask


Color: Grey
Masks Per Box:

The only 100% American-Made KN95 for kids. 

Our USA-Made KN95 kids masks are constructed in the US with 100% American-made materials. 

KN95 masks are an incredibly popular respirator design. The cone shape provides a tighter seal than surgical masks, while many find the ear loops more comfortable than the head straps found on traditional cup-style N95 masks.

It's a good design, but after testing hundreds of KN95s that we bought on Amazon, we consistently found that the most popular ones don’t even follow the Chinese safety standards they're based on -- with almost half failing the most important 95% protection standard.

Our children deserve a high quality, American-made KN95 that has been tested to exceed the highest safety standards — and since they didn’t exist, we made them.

Made in USA
KN95: GB-2626-2019
20 masks per box
Cone Shape / Earloops

Mask Coverage Area

Width in Red
Length in Blue

Simplified KN95 Size guide Small

Certificate of Conformity

Material Composition 

  • Outer Layer: Polypropylene spunbond

  • Filter: Meltblown non-woven electrostatic-charged 3 layers

  • Inner Layer: Polypropylene spunbond

  • Nose Clip: Adjustable double-wire and nose foam for comfort.

  • Earloops: Two-strap cloth elastic headband


  • Description: KN95 Non-Powered Air Purifying Particle Respirator 

  • KN95 Registration Number: GB-2626-2019 

  • Part Number: USA-KIDS-KN95

  • 20 KN95 Respirators per box

Return policy: We cannot accept returns of any open packages of KN95 masks.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 102 reviews
Best on market, some minor quality issues

These are some of the highest quality kids masks you can buy. I would gladly wear them in crowded places myself. You may find some quality issues. I find about one per box with broken ear bands or incorrectly placed nose foam.

Please keep selling these.

Update- Armbrust replaced the defective masks. Great customer service.

Thank you so very much for your thoughtful review!

We strive to make the best masks out there, so we thank you for your support and letting us know you received some defective masks. We will make this right!

I have reached out to you personally to resolve this fully.

Look forward to hearing back!


Analissa Martinez
Great for toddlers

My toddler wears this mask comfortably. Even on a long airplane ride, he kept his mask on, along with the adjusting strap that comes with the masks.
And with the good quality, I know he’s safe

We are glad to hear the masks fit comfortably on the airplane ride!

Kira 747
Most comfortable kids mask!

Our 9yr old wears a mask to school every day. It is so comfortable that he often forgets to take it off when he gets in the car at pickup. Other kids have dropped like flies in his class with flu, strep, etc… these masks have kept our family healthy & on track with zero missed days. We always keep spares in his bag, & we’ve only had 3 out of 100’s break. Those were in the beginning when our kiddo was pulling the mask off from the front, now he knows to take off from the ear loops.
Several families have asked us how & where they can get their hands on these. Armbrust for the win 🏆

Thank you for your review and sharing your experiences with us!

It makes us glad to see how our kids masks are making a real difference.

Michele Burke
They fit!!!

First mask to fit my small 11 year old’s slim face. It’s comfortable. Would like a flatter profile so he could use it under a hockey fish bowl helmet but thrilled that it fits. The metal nose piece could be a little more flexible so small hands could shape it easily. Still really pleased. My kid is looking forward to being able to play non-helmeted sports in it. Thanks for considering children in a pandemic that seems to largely be ignoring the damage this does to a child’s health

We are elated to hear these masks are working so well for your family!

Bianca Lang
High quality maks, fits well, please get rid of foam

High quality mask
Fits well except for foam nasal bridge... when wearing glasses, air goes right into them making that part tough in any cool weather. Please get rid of foam like you did on the adult version. Much better with no foam.

Thank you for your review and suggestion!

We so appreciate feedback likes yours, and look forward to trying to improve!

Roxane Paramithis
Great mask - even if you're not a kid

Although I'm not a kid, I do have a narrow face. It's been hard for me to find an adult mask that fit so I decided to try these kid masks - and they fit perfectly. Great product.

Thank you for reviewing the masks.

We are glad to hear these small size KN95s fit you so well! We are happy to provide smaller masks that still offer superior protection!

Nancy Palumbo
Too small for me

I ordered these because I always have to tie a loop around each ear loop in the adult size to get them to fit. The fit in the child size is fine for the ear loops but too shallow and I can feel air coming in underneath the mask. So I have to use the adult size and tie liops

Good masks

Only masks I buy. Except a few had the ear elastics break while wearing.

Great masks for my 11 year old

This is the second time I've purchased from Armbrust. The quality and fit is excellent, and we've been very happy with them.

I'd give this mask 10 stars if I could! Awesome mask!

The masks are very comfortable, and you do not have to keep adjusting them. They are breathable and look good. I think the product is excellent. I am a repeat customer. Made in the USA. What more could anyone ask for!