Why does my mask fog up my glasses?

If you wear prescription lenses or even sunglasses when you’re out and about and masked up, it’s only a matter of time before your glasses start resembling London in the fall. Fogged up glasses are an inconvenience, and we’re doing our best to develop masks to curb this problem.

So, why does my mask fog up my glasses? It’s basic science, really. When you put cold glasses on your face, the addition of warm breath coming up through your mask gets trapped in between your glasses and your eyes. To help curb this annoyance, we even made the wire that goes around your nose twice as thick. It took three months and a machine redesign, but our wires are now thicker than the competition.

The better the seal you have across the nose, the less foggy your glasses will be. It’s all about deflecting the heat from your mouth anywhere but up. And thankfully, the double nose wire works for many people. Some of our customers swear by it, as the only mask they’ve tried that doesn’t fog up their lenses.

For more suggestions on how to help prevent masks from fogging up your glasses, check out the video above.

How do you stop glasses from fogging mask?

It’s basic science. You have cold glasses, you put them on, your mouth is hot. When you put your mask on, you’re trapping hot air, which is what makes glasses fog. 

Armbrust USA has tried everything to overcome this issue. Its double-thick wire took three months to develop. The better the seal you have around your mouth, the greater chance you have of not experiencing the dreaded foggy glasses issue. 

It’s all about deflecting that heat. Deflecting it downward. The double-wire works for a lot of people. You can also try pulling the mask higher up on your face. Many customers swear by Armbrust USA masks as the only surgical masks that don’t fog up glasses.