Are Armbrust USA masks flammable?

For some reason or another we get plenty of folks asking us if our masks are flammable. There is a fear that going anywhere near a flame will make Armbrust USA masks burst into flames.

So, are Armbrust USA masks flammable? Technically, no. They are made of plastic so they do melt, but they will not catch on fire. It took Armbrust USA about 35 tries to make a mask that wouldn’t catch on fire when exposed to flame. All these tests were performed by a third party lab, of course. They ignite when exposed to extreme heat, but they are not combustible in the same way silk pajamas or kindling is.

Will Armbrust USA masks ignite? No. But they will melt when exposed to temperatures upwards of 1500 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, if you take a flamethrower to almost anything, it will catch on fire, including an Armbrust USA surgical mask. Want to watch us set fire to a mask using a real flamethrower? Check out the video above.