How Should Kids Wear Surgical Masks

Simply putting on a good, quality mask isn’t enough to minimize the risk of spreading the virus. A responsible wearer knows that there is a proper way to wear a mask. It's important that medical grade masks, like surgical masks, provide a seal around your face and nose. But what if you have a smaller face or want to protect your children?

In the past, OSHA and the FDA wouldn’t allow kid-sized surgical masks out into the mass market. Outside of Doogie Howser, there simply aren't any kid surgeons, nor are there many kid house-painters, coal miners, or other jobs that require serious protective gear. Thus regulators are lagging behind the demand for high-quality masks made specially for kids now that we're in the middle of a pandemic.

Fortunately, Armbrust is launching FDA-listed Pediatric Medical Masks. But there's also another fix if you only have access to the traditional size. With this quick and easy Surgical Mask Hack for Kids, you can turn any Armbrust Mask into a kid-friendly COVID-19 shield. Check out the video embedded above for a demonstration, as well as the steps listed below.

How should kids wear surgical masks?

  1. Slide the mask onto your face normally, but hold up both of the loops with a finger.
  2. Carefully twist both fingers in a circular motion 10 times to create tension so the mask is tight and secure (Consult the video for an example of the technique).
  3. Slide the loop at the end of each elastic over each ear.
  4. Press the top of the mask down around the nose so it’s tight and secure.
  5. If there are areas of the mask where air could leak in from the sides, carefully tuck them under the looped elastic to ensure the mask is on properly.