Can Disposable Masks Be Recycled?

Can Disposable Masks Be Recycled?

Recycling is one of the most important things we can collectively do to maintain the health of our planet and those living on it. So as a manufacturer it's not surprising that I'm frequently asked about recycling PPE.

Because sustainability is an important part of Armbrust’s mission, the company continually finds ways to cut down on the environmental impact of surgical mask manufacturing wherever possible. During a pandemic, however, the first priority should remain on mask options that provide the best protection and minimize the spread of viruses. (Cloth masks, while reusable, don’t offer nearly as much protection as a surgical mask.)

But can surgical masks be recycled?

Yes and no. The materials used to give surgical masks superior filtration protection as of now cannot be recycled and remain as effective as new material. However, that doesn't mean that material can't be recycled into other non-mask items. 

While making surgical mask manufacture more environmentally friendly isn’t terribly feasible at the moment, it is a goal for Armbrust as it looks into the future. The last thing the earth needs is another floating island of plastic. Check out the video embedded above for more details.