We’re Constantly Improving Our Surgical Masks

I’m going to let you in on a little industry secret: The majority of big manufacturers don’t typically make changes or updates to their existing products for years -- even decades. This of course also includes masks.

Armbrust American represents a manufacturer that wants to break that mold. Since launching our first factory in May, we’ve already made 35 updates to our product line. In my mind, that makes what we’re doing at least a decade ahead of our largest PPE competitors in this space.

One big explanation for this could be that other manufacturers aren’t very in-tune with their customers, aka the people actually wearing the masks rather than people at the top ordering them. Every day, I get direct feedback from our customers about how well ear loops fit, what colors we should consider next, and plenty of suggestions for how to improve.

One of the things we get the most feedback about is the nose wire, the 3 millimeter bendable metal wire embedded into the top lining of the mask. It’s actually one of the most important structural parts of the mask, because it forms around your face and provides a tight seal if done correctly. A big complaint was how flimsy this wire can be, so we’ve started employing a new process to strengthen it by using two wires, (which you can learn more about in the video embedded below.)

You’ll also soon notice that all of our masks will soon be getting beautiful new packaging, as featured in the image above. While this is also a longer process than you might realize, it’s worth noting that this isn’t just fancy new gift wrapping. No, the masks you’re buying from us are of the utmost quality; just as it should be for products made in America. We decided it needed packaging to match.

We will always innovate and improve our products. And every mask you buy from us is a promise that you’re wearing the best quality PPE available.