7 Things You Can Do to Help Bring Manufacturing to the US

Every mask we sell is an investment in the future of American manufacturing. Since starting this company, I have not taken $1 for myself. Instead, I've invested everything back into people, machines, and product. 

If you're a customer (or actual investor in Armbrust American), you are actually joining me on this adventure of bringing manufacturing back to the United States. 

What we've already accomplished in the past six months has been nothing short of amazing. But to get to the next phase, I will need your help more than ever. Luckily, here are 7 easy things you can do to help that won't cost you anything (do me a favor and choose two of them right now?):

  1. Follow us on YouTube  -- We are constantly producing videos  to prove to the world that American manufacturing is alive, well, and growing. The more followers we have, the more YouTube will prioritize our videos and show them to the world.

  2. Follow me on Twitter to see what we are building every day, and join in the conversation! I am constantly updating followers with pictures and videos from our two factory locations. So often customers and investors like you chime in with details that help us shape the future of our products and processes.

  3. Follow the Armbrust USA Twitter and Armbrust USA Instagram accounts to get official updates about the company. Even if you do not use these platforms very often, your follow really matters. Just like YouTube, these social platforms prioritize sharing content from accounts with a larger following. 

  4. Like us on Facebook. Surprisingly, our Facebook community has the most interactions from our customers like you. If you have questions, pictures, or stories, please share them with the group!

  5. Follow us on LinkedIn. As we continue to grow, we continue to hire--almost 100 people in 2020 alone! Following us on LinkedIn helps us share new job openings and provide a living wage to more Americans. 

  6. If you are a customer and have used our masks, please  post a review on Google. Early on, we had many shipping issues and that hurt our reviews. Every review -- even just a rating -- helps us recover from those early growing pains.

  7. Share our crowdfunding campaign with three people over email:
    I made it easy and wrote a sample message. Click here to send it! All you need to do is add your friend’s email, edit and send!

Whether you did one thing, or none (and just read this message), I want you to know that I sincerely appreciate your efforts working for the future of our country. I promise that I will work tirelessly to make us successful, and will not let you down. 

- Lloyd Armbrust
Founder & CEO, 
Armbrust American
512-807-0744 (m)