ydscsci Kids Disposable Face Mask

ydscsci Kids Disposable Face Mask

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Video Transcript Hey, everyone. Welcome back to the place. We are testing every single mask on Amazon. Very excited to look at some kids' masks today, including the [inaudible 00:00:17]. Really? That's like... Can I buy a vowel? I'm going to call this the cat keyboard brand because that's what they used was a cat who jumped on a keyboard. Let's put it in the clamper. Just look. Literally. This is not a joke. They printed at least 50,000 boxes with that name on it. Maybe it's an acronym.

Dude. This is exactly like the DIO Las Vegas masks. It's the exact same packaging. Look at this. We just tested these. DIO Las Vegas. We'll put a link to that video, but look at this. Oh, this is four layers of protection. Three layers of protection. Four layers of protection. Otherwise, it's exactly the same. It's even using the same font just in lowercase. Look at... Same, same.

Well, I think I know how these are going to do. The last ones failed the American standard. I'm going to open it that way. Yeah. These are the same masks. All right, let's open this up. Literally the same masks. So the last one did, I mean, I just did the test, so it'll be interesting because that's the test. 89%. That's what... Spoiler alert. I've never had that happen before. I mean, oftentimes we'll get the same box, different brand name. So funny in this case that it was back to back. Good clamp and we'll let her rip. This is a PFE machine.

Dejavu, DIO Las Vegas. PFE machine. We're doing particulate filtration test, holding these masks to the American ASTM standard. Even using the Chinese standard. The problem is that this standard, the... what is it? I always forget the... GB 32 6 10 standard has seven different sub standards and they're not saying which one it is. So, I can't really hold them to the standard.

Last time I put this on, it was very interesting, because I was doing this and they were falling apart. Actually this one's not doing it. That's interesting. Every single one of the DLV DIO Las Vegas masks... I mean, but I'm really pulling on that.
Not as bad as DIO Las Vegas. Sorry, Elvis. Does it smell? Very similar. I'm going to call this smell dejavu because I've seen it before.

Making any claims on here? Cat keyboard mask for boys, girls, indoor, outdoor. The other one is for teens. Yeah, here it is. The other one is for small teen or women or kids.

Oh it says it has four layers. Oh, I doubt it. But let's try. Selling you an extra layer here. Is it more expensive? So this one is 20 bucks and then DIO Las Vegas is 12 bucks. Oh yeah. It's a lot more expensive. So you're really paying for that extra layer.

What are you getting for the extra layer? If there is indeed an extra layer, probably nothing. Probably an extra layer of spun bond. I'll do it this way. All right, here we go. Here we go. Ready? Here we go. Ah, extra layer of spun bond. Spun bond polypropylene that protects moisture from coming into the mask. Then you have a second layer of spun bond polypropylene, which makes you pay an extra $8 on Amazon. That's literally it. It does nothing. If you have one layer of spun bond, it does nothing to have another layer of spun bond.
Whoa, black melt blown. I've heard about this. So, Meltblown's usually white. And when you add a dye to it, it actually changes the properties of it, which makes sense. And then spun bond is the last layer. So you're paying for an extra layer for no reason. Just so you know, just total marketing. Totally useless. Don't buy that for any reason.

But it is very interesting because 89, 89. So, literally the exact same, you're paying eight bucks more for nothing. Ah, we are just solving mysteries here. Aren't we? Yeah.

Thanks for coming on this journey. Really appreciate it. If you like this video, what most YouTubers would say right now is I would like to get... It's like a social exchange. It's like, "I made the video. I bought the lab. I put the lights up, right? Yeah. There's lights because I'm vain. Super vain. I did my hair. I would've done it anyway. Again, vain. What I want from you is a like and subscribe." That's what YouTubers would say. That's what they say, but not me. Not this YouTuber. No. No, sir. No, ma'am. Uh-huh (negative).

No. Instead, I'm going to ask you for something else and I'm going to give you something in return. And that is a comment. If you've seen this video in the first 24 hours, give me a comment and we're going to reward those folks who do comments. We're going to pick someone at random from the list below and I'm going to put a link up there that explains what we're doing, but it's pretty cool.
I'll see you tomorrow. 10:00 AM. Regularly scheduled. Another mask test. We're doing them every day for the rest of the year. I'll catch you on that test.

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