Wyze Blue 3 ply Breathable Disposable Face Masks

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Video Transcript Hey, everyone. Welcome back to the place we're testing every single mask on Amazon. And we have not given up. We have not stopped. We're going to keep going till they're all tested, every single last one of them. Today we're looking at the WYZE mask, which has 10,000 ratings. Dang.

And it's very affordable. Let's put it in the clamper and see what happens. I'm a clamp, I'm a clamp, I'm a clamp, I'm a clamp. Ah, I'm not a clamp. Start it up. This is a PFE machine, particulate filtration efficiency machine. What we're doing is taking the ASTM, American Standard Test for Surgical Masks, using this machine to apply it, to tell you what these masks will do for you.

Now, this is a great price on a mask, $8.49 for 50. They're not really making claims that I can see. Oh, actually they are. Look, that's a weird claim, 49 pascals. Nope, not 49 pascals. In fact, let's just switch on over to this just because. So it's doing 94 pascals right now and you can see the efficiency, not looking good. Not looking good because we like see things in 95% are better, right? Let's open this up.

Take a couple of these. Kind of gave away the ending. This is really nicely put together though. It's very good quality. I like that it looks like it's put together well. This smells like a plastic nose wire. Scalpel. Yep. Plastic nose wire. We don't like plastic nose wires here. Why? Because when you bend them to shape your nose, they go back. No, but I want to go. No. We prefer what most manufacturers use, which is a metal nose wire and the reason for that is when you form it, it stays. So however your nose is, it'll conform to that. So that's an immediate no for me.

It's definitely a no for me, dog.

Even though we already know that it's not going to very do very well on the on the particulate filtration. And wow, that's not very good. In fact, that's so bad it might come off on my face. Let's try it. Look at this. See that gap there. We don't like gaps like that. The ear loops are huge. Yeah. That's not a very good mask and it bears out, 88.9. 88.92. Breathability, again, 94. Weird that they would claim to be 49 pascals. They're almost twice that and not a very good particulate filtration either.

Thank you so much for watching. Appreciate your time and attention and I will catch you at 10:00 AM tomorrow on the next test. That's right. Every day at 10:00 AM for the rest of this year, we are going to be dropping a new test. Even on Christmas day. I will see you then.

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