Wanwane Black Dust Filter Disposable Face Mask

Wanwane Black Dust Filter Disposable Face Mask

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Video Transcript Thanks for joining me today. We are testing every single mask on Amazon. And the next mask that we're testing is this disposable respirator, which is in violation of several American laws, to call it that. Very confusingly titled.

But they are non-medical black face masks. They look like this. And the name of the title is black face mask, disposable, breathable mouth cover. This is an awkward thing to say. Mouth cover, black, breathable masks for daily protection, air pollution, dust proof, 50 pieces. The brand is Wanwane. Let's go ahead and test this. So, [inaudible 00:00:48] is here because he wants to make sure that I'm not wasting too much money. Got it in there. And we're going to let a rip. All right. This is a particular filtration efficiency machine. If you want to know more about how this machine works, I'm going to put a link below this video so you can see.

Today. We're just talking about the Wanwane mask. Ooh, that's good. It's like stretches like a-


No, it's like a trampoline. I'm getting trampoline vibes. Very strong. That's great. Let's test that first. Now, the all black, black on both sides. A lot of masks you want to watch out for this, do not buy a mask that is white on one side and black on another. It just means the construction isn't as good. I like the all black. So, if you're going to go with black, get all black. And then the way that you wear this, just so you know is that that weld needs to be on the outside. So, when you put this on, oh, now here's a bad part of the... It's so stretchy and so big. It's like falling off my face. I like it to feel a little bit tighter.

This must be what my children have to feel like all the time. This must be like, now I'm a child wearing this mask doing, having to do that. I'm still not getting a good seal on this. So, I don't like that, but okay. Okay. I'm getting... Now this smell test is the next best thing. See if you can verify this for me, but I'm getting an overly cleaned health club. Yeah, I don't like the smell. That's not surprising. This packaging is not great packaging. It's very, very thin. I just feel like it's flopping around. I don't love that. And then the next thing is that it says disposable respirator. Now that's a problem in the United States, a respirator is something that's regulated by two organizations, Niosh and Osha and the FDA. So, three, three organizations. So, if it says respirator on it, you got to have a lot of tests, actually different machines than this.

Even more advanced machines. I'm sure that's just a Google translate situation there. They didn't mean to put that, but that's really bad. This is not a respirator. It is a three ply mask. All right. So, $12.99, kind of a weird smell, very strong, not a good fit. Great value. What do you think it comes in at?


89.429%. That's pretty good. That's better than a lot of the masks that we've tested. We've gone as low as... Was it 80 was the lowest we've had?


80 is the lowest that we've had. The highest was 98%. The American standard ASTM level one is 95%. So if you want a good mask, look for ASTM level two ASTM level three. That way you know it's been tested by a machine just like this, and it has 98% filtration. That's the trick. They're on Amazon. You can find those masks.

This one didn't make any claims. And for having no claims being at 89%, I'd say that's pretty good for the price. It's pretty good. Personally, I wouldn't wear it. If this has been helpful at all, I thank you guys for watching. If it hasn't, get the heck out of here. Now, I'm just kidding. I would love it. If you guys could like and subscribe, that would help us a lot and would help me justify to the tax man here for why we're doing all of this. All right. Thanks very much. And we'll see you on the next test.

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