Vaxxen Labs Blue Lvl 3 Single Use Disposable Face Masks

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Video Transcript Hey everyone. Thanks for joining the place on the internet, where we test every single mask on Amazon and elsewhere. Today, we're testing all of the American-made masks on Amazon. So thanks for joining. Excited to test this kind of question mark mask that we found from Vaxxen Labs. So let's get it in the clamper and see what happens.

It's clamp time, guys. You ready? You ready for the clampdown? This is a PFE, particulate filtration efficiency machine. You want to find out more about how that works? Check out the link. Okay. So Vaxxen Labs, who are you? We don't know. If I look on the listing on Amazon, you would think that a name Vaxxen Labs was created maybe during the pandemic, maybe they were trying to say, this is like a tiny vaccine in your pocket or something, pretty clever name. But you'd be wrong.

This company, you can't find their website on their masks anywhere. And if you look them up, they actually sell supplements. That's a pivot. Look, more mask production is the better, but something that is a question mark for me is on the box. It says proudly manufactured in Tampa, Florida, exclusively for Vaxxen Labs. That means that they didn't manufacture it, that someone manufactured it for them. And then, if you look at the box, it's this weird white box that they just put a nice label on top at an angle. So that's kind of making me question things. We've got claims all over the place. On the listing, they're saying ASTM level three procedure mask saying it's going to be 98% or better. They go pretty ham on this as well. And the thing that really kills me is they're showing you this Nelson labs report.

They are blurring out and saying confidential in the testing area, which Nelson labs says specifically not to do. If you go to our website and you look at our Nelson labs report, you're going to see the contact information for my assistant. Do you think she wants that information out there? No, but Nelson says specifically to look out for fraud for companies that are blurring that up because they could have taken anybody's test report and put it on there.

The other thing that's weird is that they are cutting out the other pages of the report. And they're just showing the one that shows a 99%. So, big question mark there. On the box, we are also seeing a lot of claims, particulate filtration above 98%, breathability class ... by the way, the FDA doesn't want you to make these kind of claims on the box. So, that's also ... there's more question marks. But let's take a look at the mask real quick. Just a basic mask. The nose wire is a small nose wire. I could tell that these were not going to be great. We can do a quick dance break.

I'm barely doing this. Two at once. Let's try the face pull. Well, these are probably going to break, a couple of them, if they go on your face. So not ideal there. So, the quick smell test on that. I'm going to call this, it's kind of, like cardboardy and plasticy. I'm getting kind of both in there. I'm going to say this is the discount toy aisle at a Walmart. You know, after Christmas, when they put all this stuff that didn't sell and, that weird discount aisle just looks kind of thrown in there. That's what this mask smells like. All right. But does any of that matter if it doesn't protect you?

Well, let's review. These guys are claiming ASTM level three. That means that if you were going on Amazon and you were like, I want a mask that protects me, you would look for ASTM level three, you would see made in the USA and, you'd be like, I can trust this mask. In fact, if you look at a lot of the ratings, very high ratings, over 400, and people are liking this mask. And that's probably because they don't have a $200,000 lab to test in their house to figure out if it actually does protect you 98%. That's their claim. What are they actually doing?

79.315. That's real bad. That's criminal. Almost. I mean, at least 400 people, probably more because not everyone leaves a review, went to the site, saw ASTM level three, saw the pictures of their Nelson lab reports, which I'm not going to say that they're fabricated, but I mean they're claiming 99.05%. This is the machine that tests that. And they're essentially lying. It's not cool. I don't like. Does not make me feel good. Pandemic profiteering whether you're in another country or you're here is not okay. All right guys. Thank you for joining me. I hope this was helpful. If you like this review, you probably didn't if you're Vaxxen Labs, it's fine. You can give me a thumbs down. It's fine. Just tell them the truth here. Try to get it out. But I do appreciate you watching and you know what? I'll catch you on the next test. Next question.

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