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Video Transcript Hey, everyone. Welcome back to the place we are testing every single mask on Amazon. And I didn't even pull up the mask listing yet. I'll do that in just a second. But very excited to look at the TomrickCare child's mask. And it may not be for children actually. It may be for baby years. I'm not 100% sure. Maybe it's just mask for woodland animals. Oh no. No. It's for kids. Okay. Good. All right, let's go ahead and put it in the clamper and we will test it up.

So feature number one is that Tomrick does not want you getting into these masks. Maybe there's no masks in here. Literally the hardest mask box I've ever had to open. Okay. And they're black masks, which they did let you know on the cover there. You know what's funny, is that these kids, very friendly, very friendly situation. Happy son. And then you have these kids flashing the peace sign. Hippies. And then they're wearing a black mask. It just doesn't fit the scene.

What? This is weird. How many times are they going to wrap this? There's a joke in there somewhere. Let's open that up.

We are doing the surgical mask tests today, because I'm seeing the airflow resistance is ridiculously low. Ridiculously low. I don't see how something can be that low and still protect you. I mean, we did have a respirator that's that small.

I'm going to ... That's pretty good. I mean, I'd like to see a little stronger because kids tend to pull on things a little bit more. I don't know if it'll come off on the face though. Let's try it. Now remember, the outside of the mask is the one where you can see the welds because you want it to pull against the face. It's very important.

Wow. That smell is horrible. I'm going to call this smell, "May give your children plastic poisoning." And, because I've gotten good at this after doing hundreds of masks, I think we got one of these situations. I can't find my scissors under all this wrapping. I mean, it is sealed a lot. Yep. Plastic nose wire. So manufacturers do this. They put a plastic nose wire in there and you can see that it doesn't bend very well. It doesn't keep its shape very well. That actually is a bad example. That kept its shaped pretty well. But it just doesn't stay. So when it's on the face, it leaves a huge gap typically. But it doesn't matter if it doesn't protect you.

Now remember, I said early on it was ridiculously breathable. Was it 49 pascals? That is the most breathable mask, disposable mask, that we've ever had in the clamper. The most breathable. So breathable, I actually question the ethics of this video channel. Are we lying to people? I don't even know. That's so breathable. So super breathable, which is great for kids. But does it protect you?

91.163. 91.163. With all of those things and the fact that the smell is so much, I would not recommend this mask for my children. But you may have different goals for your kids. So I don't know. Maybe you want them to be inundated with this type of smell. No judgments here. It's a free country. Thanks so much, and I will catch you on the next test.

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