Szwinboo 4-Layer Blue Disposable Mask by WBGD

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Video Transcript What's up, mask people? If you're just joining us, we are testing every single mask on Amazon. Okay, so today we are looking at the Szwinboo, Szwinboo nonmedical disposable mask. What I love about this is that they created this nice, soft-touch box, which is about four or five cents extra, by the way, and then, they apparently added this feature of four layers, because it's a sticker. They added the sticker, that says, "Four layers of protection." All right, let's test this thing anyway. You get your side, I'll get mine. Ready?

Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Just let it rip. All right, so I opened the box here, and I'm looking at the... It's pretty nice plastic. There you go. Made in China. This one is...

[inaudible 00:01:02]

This one's about six, seven months old, so that's kind of a long time. I like the packaging though. Oh yeah, they broke right away? Yeah. Here, try a couple more. That one's good. Oh, snap. Yeah, so these aren't the worst I've seen, but I'm going to say that you're going to get like... Oh, that one's good. That one's good. If you try using these, some of the ear loops are going to pop off.

Let's see how this... Oh, man, the ear loops are so big. Yeah, that's not a good fit. Smells pretty good, not surprising. It is a little bit of a chemical smell. A new iPhone box, that's kind of what this feels like. Okay, so I don't love these masks, but I'm guessing that the price is going to be... Actually, they're kind of expensive. Oh, that's right. This is a four layers of protection mask.

Okay, so from the cheap seats, masks have three... Surgical masks like this have three layers. The outer layers, the one next to your face and the one that's to the world, those are to block water. It's liquid barrier protection. The inside ones, the inside one, is a filter, and all you need is a really good one single layer of filter material to protect you, to properly protect you. ASTM level three masks, our masks do about 98%, 99% protection. You don't need an extra layer. That's just marketing. And actually, it ruins the breathability.

Let's see if it actually has four layers. One layer, spun bond. Okay, spun bond outer layer, and-

Just one meltblown.

Four layers of protection. Four layers of protection. This four layer of protection mask will really protect you, with three layers. Wow. The audacity on that.


What do you think they're going to do with filtration?


82%? Drum roll, please. 98.32%. So maybe what they meant by four layers of protection was, "We actually used a good meltblown."


That's actually good. That would pass ASTM level three, filtration anyways. So there you go. Did not see that coming. That's actually a big surprise. Okay. Well, maybe next time. So they were lying about the four layers of protection, but it actually is a mask that protects you. But the fit isn't any good, so I wouldn't choose it. All right. Thank you for watching. If you enjoyed that, or found this helpful in any ways, or even if you didn't find it helpful, because honestly I don't care. I just want your like, and your subscribe, but I'll take your like or your subscribe. I'll take either/or, but I'll take both too, so give me both. Okay, thanks very much, and I'll see you on the next test.


The Szwinboo 4-Layer Blue Disposable Mask by WBGD failed because we only recommend surgical-style masks with ASTM level 3 certification, which verifies it meets medical-grade safety standards in the U.S.

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