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Video Transcript Hey, everyone. Welcome back to the place where we're testing every single mask on Amazon, even the ones they pay you to take. Today I'm talking about DXLOVER. Do the song. Be DXLOVER, going to be DXLOVER. Ooh, buckle up. This is going to be a ride folks.

I'm talking, not the normal seatbelt. I'm talking the five point harness. Let's strap it in the clamp and I will tell you what's coming. It's exciting. I mean, for me. I know I don't get out much. I am very excited about this. If I can get this clamped without killing myself. Well, I doubt; how many people have died in a clamp? How many deaths a year are attributed to a mask clamp?


.4 people. .04. Every 12 years someone dies in a mask clamp. This is a PFE machine, particulate filtration efficiency machine. We are doing the American standard surgical mask test here. Gosh, are we exciting? Are we exciting? We're exciting people aren't we. Buckle up. I told you, you got your five point harness on. This is not a normal ride, okay. Today is different. If you've been with us before, today is different. These guys are making weird claims my friend, weird claims.

Okay. So first of all, shows up in a bag, just like all flopping around, come on. Okay look at this. So FDA, ISO, CE, seems official, right? Except the FDA logo is the old logo. And I hope this doesn't disappoint. I hope so bad it doesn't disappoint, but 100% of the time, 100% of the time that you see this fake or this old FDA logo on a bag or on a mask box, it does not pass standards, it fails miserably. And the reason is, the people who are counterfeiting this, didn't even know to use the current FDA logo. And they also don't know that the FDA doesn't let you put things on their bag.

But there's more, if you act now, you're going to see more forgery. For example. So they're claiming filtration efficiency of 95%, you see that on there? But then look at this. Email kimtechus@163.com. Kimtechus@163.com, what is Kimtech? Why does it matter? You'd have to know so much about this world for this to be blowing your mind, but it's blowing my mind. I don't get out much, we talked about that. Kimtech is Kimberly Clark's manufacturer in the United States. Okay. So they're trying to pretend to be Kimtech, but clearly they are not Kimtech because look at the name of this.

And the name, I mean even for Chinese names, looks like a bunch of random words, like this is like XianTaoShiJunHuiSuLiaoZhiPinYouXianGongSi. Does not seem real, that doesn't seem real. I've seen a lot of Chinese mask manufacturing names and they don't look like that. And then the other thing is kimtechus@163? You know Chinese manufacturers and you know Chinese websites, typically what they do, instead of like in the U.S. we use amazon.com, they will use, instead of words, they will use numbers because of us a lot faster to type. So that is 100% a Chinese URL. What an adventure. I haven't even taken out the masks yet. We finished this test like 20 minutes ago.

So I'm going to take out a couple because, oh man. Oh, this is good. Look at this. Oh man I'm sweating. Look at that. Look at that. Oh, that's horrible, you shouldn't see. Oh, scalpel!


This is a plastic nose wire, which, if you watched us before, is useless. Look at that. It doesn't stay. You need to conform to the top of your face. A good mask, it's going to have a nose wire that stays, like that. It conforms to your face. Get out of here. This one, if you put on and you pinch, you're going to have a giant, giant hole. That's where the COVID gets in. That's what my daughter says. Let's do this. Oh, shocker. Three? Three came off. I wonder if we can get all four to come off at once. Ah, that would be, I'd have to apply equal pressure. Okay, yeah. This is real bad. Let's do the smell test. Horribly manufactured.

Oh interesting. Well, this smells like the inside of a bakery box. Like that it's had some cookies in it or something. Not a terrible smell actually. Hm. You got one point there. Kimtech DXLOVER, whatever, whoever you be. All right. Now remember what I said. There has never been a time where I've seen the fake FDA logo on a bag or a box, especially on a bag though, and it's passed any sort of standards. Now this is an ASTM testing machine. That means that we need to pass at a minimum ASTM level one, this needs to be 95% or better. I haven't looked yet.

So satisfying. This is my sports, okay. And I am team the DXLOVER. I like underdogs. I'd be a New York Jet fan, if I was... Jets? Is there more than one Jet? I'm not... I think there're multiple jets. I'd be a New York Jets fan if I were following sports. 47.587. 47.587 and the breathability is 49 pascal. Hey, it's breathable. But I would not recommend this mask. Could not recommend this mask for so many reasons.

That was a good one. Unbuckle the harness and you're free to go and move about the cabin. Appreciate you hanging out with me today. If you enjoyed this one, we're dropping another one tomorrow and every day at 10:00 AM so stick with me and I will see you then.

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