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Video Transcript All right. Welcome back today. We are testing every single mask on Amazon, which sounds super exciting doesn't it? We know how to party here that's for sure. Okay. Today we are looking at the kangle plus IE. You thought it was a browser used on windows 95. No, no. It can protect your face. The disposable face mask nonmedical. Let's take a look. See how it stacks up.

All right, let's go ahead and put it in the particulate filtration efficiency machine, this machine, if you want to find out how it works, check out the link right below us. And we'll explain how this standard works, but we're just going to jump into looking into these masks. These masks are super interesting. I am, first of all I don't like this type of packaging that's just a personal thing with me. They're hard to put the things back in.

This type of barrier doesn't block smells. This is made in China. So if it's coming to us on a boat, the inner packaging, isn't a very good seal. It could add a lot of smell to the mask and I'm a big smell guy. I just don't putting something on my face for a long period of time if it is going to have a weird smell to it. So go check that out. I bought those for you. I was thinking about you when I bought those. Because they have hearts.


And you make us money. So that's how I feel about you.

Yeah. I love it.

But great. Oh. Oh I wanted it to be good. My heart wanted it. I'd say that's unfair. I mean this has got a pretty, pretty good pull. If you really yank on this guy it's going to come at you. But I think it's pretty good. And the nose wire is super solid. What do you think you look god damn gorgeous in that. I have to say.

Thank you.

That really brings out your eyes. His eyes are black. Like his soul.

A little small smell.

It's a tiny smell. It's like if you were driving in your car and you were like, something's off, but not by a lot and you're not sure what it is. That's what I would call this smell.


It's like a little bit, it's a hint, but definitely I would put this in the top 10% of all the Amazon masks we've tested in terms of smell. But all that doesn't matter if it doesn't protect you right. And that's what this machine is designed to figure out. Now, again, we're just talking about filtration here. There's all sorts of other things, fit breath ability. This machine is really just testing for filtration. And specifically we want to see at what percentage.

Minimum 95.

Minimum 95 that's the minimum American standard is 95% particulates. So what do you think this is?

Let's go with a 92.

92, I thought you loved this mask.

I said the design, the arts.

Ooh. Well, this design loves you because it came in at 95.776. Wow. Now again, the breath ability is pretty bad. It's not the worst I've seen, but it's pretty bad. I would not wear this mask for more than a couple hours, but this is if you're going into the grocery store. If you just have really big ears, I mean, I have pretty big ears, or if you could do a twisting situation, if you could get the fit better on this, this would be a mask that I would go into the grocery store because I think I'd get a lot of compliments. People would really like it. All right. Thank you guys very much again for watching. That means a lot because I have a huge ego with no end in sight. I just need it to be filled with all of your views and your likes and your subscribes. If you want to help me with that. That's great. Thanks so much for watching and I will see you at the next test, good God kill me now.

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