Hyegiir Black 3 Ply Individually Wrapped Disposable Face Masks

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Video Transcript Hey there. Welcome back to the place where we're testing every single mask on Amazon, including the Hyegiir double box series. Let's put it in the clamp and see what happens. I'm just going to try to clamp it, clamp it real good. Let her rip. This is a PFE machine, particulate filtration efficiency machine. We are doing these surgical mask tests to American standards here using the ASTM system. Let's take a look at the listing.

Look at that. Wait. I don't want that video. I like that. It's like cards or something. It's dust proof. That's nice. We got 100. These are 27, 28 cents each. Oh, I like that. Lucky Card. What is it? Lucky Scratch. I won a $10 Amazon e-gift card. Wait, but I thought it was against Amazon policy to pay people to leave reviews. Hmm. What the? Oh, this is the first time I... I love this. Look at this. What the hell's bells is that for?

Okay. Hyegiir. Individually wrapped. These are nice, actually. It's pretty nice. It's pretty nice. I'm not complaining. Let's try this out. I give that a really good thing. I got to try that, the open thing again where I'm like, "You open too aggressively." Those one masks, though. That was incredible. That's pretty strong. Hyegiir. Okay. I'm going to try this on now.

Okay. I'm going to be honest. That smells like pure gasoline. It's like the smell is so bad that the plastic, the individual plastic things, it kept the smell in there. That's that's loud. All right. I'm going to try these things. I'm guessing this is supposed to go around your ear. I'm thinking that's what it is. I've never seen this before. I've been making masks, I've been doing this for like 18 months. I've tested so many masks. I've never even thought of this concept.

This is going to look so bomb. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, baby. Oh, yeah. That feels great. Oh my gosh. That's a genius idea. That's not really, though, because you're going to lose it, but I mean, it honestly feels a lot better. That's incredible. Yeah. Ow. Oh, that really hurt. Ow. Oh, it still hurts. It's been a long time and it still hurts. Am I bleeding? Wow. Okay. Okay. Okay. What are we doing here? What's the point of this show?

So, they're not making any claims. Pretty good deal. Pretty good packaging. Honestly, Hyegiir, let's talk about that for just one second. Is it high gear? It's high gear, like... 2 Fast 2 Furious here, getting into high gear. Disposable masks, prevent droplets, production workshop. What? And they were like, "We need one more point. Production workshop?" All right. Does any of that matter if it doesn't protect you? That's the whole point of the show. I seem to have... We're burying the lede here.

87.170. 87.170. So, box is great. Brand Hyegiir. I like the little thingies. That's nice. Bribing me with reviews? Hmm. Is it working? 1,000 reviews, it's working. Efficiency could be better. Minimum standards in the US 95%. That's ASTM Level 1. We like to see ASTM Level 2 or 3. 98%. We are pretty far from making that happen here, Hyegiir.

You guys need to get it into gear and put better melt-blown in your masks. All right. Thank you guys so much for watching. This has been a unintentionally weird ride. I'll just catch you on the next mask test. How about that? Is that good? Does that work for you? Works for me. How's 10:00? 10:00 tomorrow? I'll do another one. All right. See you then. Thanks.

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