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Video Transcript Hey, everyone. Welcome back where we are testing every single mask on Amazon. Why? Good question. I don't know. Probably something to do with my childhood. Today we're testing an American mask, and we're looking at the HealthReady USA mask. Let's get this in the clamper, and then we can talk about the mask.

This is a basic blue and white mask. I tried looking up information about this company, but I could not find their website. I'm assuming that they're one of the folks that responded in the pandemic. Gosh, dang it. But ouch, it happened. I clamp myself, but who knows? We'll see. This is a PFE machine. Particulate filtration efficiency machine. You want to find out more about that, check it out. Let's talk about this mask, HealthReady USA.

Now, on the box they're not making any claims, but on the listing, hella claims. HealthReady USA ASTM Level Three. Minimum standard of the USA is TM Level One is 95% filtration. If they're saying Level Three, that means it's 98% filtration. This machine is specifically designed to test that, so we will see. Tested by Nelson Labs. Weird flex. Nelson Labs is a lab that, I guess, is one of the better labs in the United States. It is just weird to me when people advertise that. Nelson doesn't want you to do that. They actually put the report on here. Something that's weird is that they only put page one of the report, but it does say 98.1% efficiency on there. You can see this is particle size 0.1 microns. That's what we're using in this machine. This test that they had to pay $1,500 for, this test is what we bought this machine to do, and it cost a hundred thousand dollars to do it, so it's very interesting to see if they are actually going to meet those standards.

It's just weird they went so hard in the listing about this. Let's look at the box. Again, no claims in the box. When you open... Oh, that's nice. You open it up. It's packaged and looks like it wasn't sealed, but there's a nice package in there. Take some of these out. Gets a basic blue mask. The construction is pretty nice. That's a great nose wire. I love they folded it over properly. Very uniform. It's a little stiff, so I'm kind of curious... Yeah. These little ear loops like typical... Wow. Let's do some break dancing. These are bad ear loops. These are horrible ear loops. These will break if they go on your face.

Let's demonstrate. Good construction on the rest of the mask. Let's do it again. This is one of the worst ones. Oh, no way. Josh is showing me something. Look at this. They've got a shake weight and saying that it's a strong ear loop. Weird flex, considering this is the worst ear loops that I've tested like at least in a month. For sure. Look at this. That's not a good look for me. I got to work out more. It's COVID-35. Kind of got distracted by that.

Let's do the smell test. I'm going to call this a "case of water at HEB." You get the water, you put it in your cart, you open it up when you get home, and take a deep breath. That's what this smells like. It's a very plasticy smell but not overly offensive, so I would do probably 15 on the smell. Smelled better, smelled worse, right in the middle. If you don't know what HEB is, move to Texas. It's the best thing that happened to groceries. Just saying. But does any of that matter because remember they're claiming ASTM Level Three, which is 98%. What does the machine say? Duh.

96.932. 96.932. The test before this was the DemeTECH mask that did 99%, so I know there's nothing weird about the machine. That's an ASTM Level Three mask that did 99%. This one did 96.9, so that's a false claim. I'm going to call them out on that. Now it is close, so it's possible that if you tested 20 or 30 of these, they might average up there, but I doubt it because it's a little bit low. If this would've been 97.9, I would've given it to them, but this one I'm going to say is a false claim.

Thank you, guys, so much for watching. I really do appreciate it. If you have enjoyed this review that has included a shake weight, which is a new one for me, give me a like or subscribe, or just throw your computer on the ground because you're so upset. That's an option. I'll catch you on the next test. If your computer is okay.

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