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Video Transcript Hey, everyone. Welcome back to the place. We're testing every single mask on Amazon, including the very popular brand Grip Protect; you grip, we protect. That's how it works. Look it up. Let's put it in the clamper and see what's going on with this weird named mask. Weirdly named? Weirdly. Oh yeah, dude. This is, this is clamp of the day. Clamp of the day. Look at that. Very happy about the clamp. Lets let 'er rip.

This is a PFE machine, particulate filtration efficiency machine. We're shooting hundreds of thousands of tiny, tiny particulates about the size of the coronavirus through this mask to see how well it will protect you.
Figured you didn't have a $250,000 lab in your basement. So I'm bringing my lab to your basement. If that's where you're watching this, I don't know why you'd be in a basement. Most people don't have them, especially in Texas. Anyway, bought this on Amazon. I don't know that this is the listing, because we're crazy, but I'm pretty sure we didn't buy a thousand masks for this. It seems like maybe they changed the listing or something. Yeah, that doesn't seem right, but this is the box for sure.

Aluminum nose strap meets AST level one. So they're promising here a 95% filtration. This machine is made to do that test, the ASTM tester. Let's open the box. I like the name, I've got to say this is hilarious. Grip Protect Procedure Earloop Mask. Three levels of protection. Number one, bacterial efficiency. Yeah. Number two, particulate efficiency. Number three, fluid resistance. It's not saying how much it is. It's just saying it has those features. Our particulate filtration of one percent.

Let's open this up. Oh, that's really- why's that always happening? Anytime I say that's really good. That just breaks. I don't think it's going to break in your face though. Let me try it though. Those wire Really long ear loops though. Not going to break in your face, but they're a little long for me and scratchy. It's very scratchy on the ends. There's a very slight plasticy smell. I'm going to call this was in a grocery store bag for too long. The reusable ones obviously, because - OH there's a bug in here. That's neat. Hmm.

Okay. So remember they aren't promising - they didn't say there wouldn't be any bugs people. They didn't claim that. They didn't say there would be any bugs, a protein.

So remember they're claiming AST level one, which is exactly what this guy has meant to test 95%. What does it say? Okay. 93.391. Now here's the thing, depending how long this has been sitting and a lot of different things, this could have met standard when it left the factory. And that's why when you know, we want our masks to be 99% when they're here in the warehouse or in the lab because we know once they leave, you know, things can deteriorate. So I'm not going to ding them for that. I think that they're probably meeting that standard and this particular way we tested it. You know, it's, there's so many variables that it's hard to tell. Plus when you do the testing for these types of things, you're doing 20 30 samples. So we just did one real quick because you know, I ain't your lab. This is not a real lab coat. You know that right? I just found this. Anyway. So nicely put together, pretty affordable actually 10 cents a piece. Is that right? That's really cheap.

And I made fun of the packaging, but actually I don't mind it. So not a bad product, just under standards, but I think they're pretty- what was the breathability? It's 71. Well, that's pretty good as well. All right. Thank guys.

Thanks so much for watching. Hope you enjoyed this. You know, you're the best for sticking with me honestly. Really, really do appreciate you guys. And we're trying something out that's, you know, maybe a treat to you may not be, I don't know. It depends what you feel about this channel, but we're going to drop another one of these videos every day until the end of the year. Every day. That's right. So join me every day at 10:00 AM central and I will see you at the next test.

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