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Video Transcript Hey everybody, welcome back. We are testing every single mask on Amazon and we got a little series going on where we're pulling the made in America stuff that's on Amazon, I'm getting some interesting stuff. Today we're looking at the DCG supplies made in America. ASTM Level 3. Breathable, comfortable, disposable, indoor and outdoor use.

10 box for 50 masks, bought this just the other day. Okay let's get into it. So first of all I don't love the packaging. There's a box, it's sealed with an l-bar sealer probably by hand. Everybody in the United States that has a four by six label printer which you need to be able to send anything has got this label printed. It's about a penny and a half for a label like this and they're using that as their label.

They're going for the bargain though. How could I blame them at $10 for a made in USA mask that is a niche market for sure, so I guess I can't blame them. Let's look at the 3-ply disposable with melt blown center layer. Hypoallergenic, form fitting, high filtration, made in the USA [inaudible 00:01:23]. Don't give this to a baby as a toy, noted. All right let's open this up here.

Let's see. Very thick plastic though, I like that. Not much on the packaging to look at. Really great, I'm railing on this. Let's switch this. I mean this is like... You've seen me pull masks before, I can do this all day, all day. I mean this is the strongest mask I've ever seen. So I'm going to say I don't... Yeah it's centered, I mean centered ish. Nose wire, I'm going to give it to them. I'm going to give this five stars construction. Five stars, this is a good construction mask.

Now I will say, I can tell by just playing with it a little bit that the ear loops are way too big for me at least, so I don't love that. See how much gap there is on there? See that? I like to pull a little bit but that's for me. So if you are of a smaller face this is definitely not going to fit you very well so just FYI on that.
You can do the tying and the MacGyver masks and stuff like that but I don't like it so big. Wow, we're going to name the smell of this mask the Target detergent aisle. Wow, do you think before they packed their masks they got a dryer sheet out and put it in there? Because that would be clever... Americans. Where's this made? I'm going to look these guys up. It's funny I know 50 mask manufacturers, I've never heard of these guys but... Okay let's put this in here, test this mama jama. Oh wow and let's start this off. Okay this is a particulate filtration efficiency machine. If you're just joining me for the first time, I'm going to put a link down below that explains what that it is. We're looking at the airflow resistance here which is 152, that's too high. This is going to reset over time but I'm going to be a jerk and I'm not going to show you what it's saying. I'm going to be jerk and not show you what it's saying because we like drama here.

Otherwise you'd be looking at a spreadsheet instead of watching a video but the airflow resistance 150 very, very, very high. That means it's going to be a little bit hard to breathe, don't love that. We bought this a couple days ago. I read this before made in the USA blue face masks. They're claiming ASTM Level 3. Now I've said many times on here most people wouldn't know to claim ASTM 3, Chinese manufactures aren't going to do that. So a safe way for looking for a mask is to search for ASTM Level 3. ASTM Level 3 is going to be the highest standard of the United States. You need third party verification to be able to put that on your masks.

They have to be 98% effective to put that on here. It actually says that "These masks have been tested by Nelson Labs and exceed the ratings for ASTM Level 3 which is the highest rating for this style of mask. Strong, disposable." I mean we will see by the way because that's what we're testing here. This machine by the way literally designed for that test. "Strong disposable face masks with ear loops." Yeah these things are bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S. "Breathable." Uh-uh (negative) nope, not very breathable. Not according to science machine over here. All right, well we finished the test and remember ASTM Level 3 98%. What do we get?

Oh 78%. Top three worst, that's top three worst right there. 150 pascals, really hard to breathe, really hard to breathe. 78.6% that's really bad. It is so bad and I don't do this because I value my time. Can I get your help here? Can you cut that for me? I'm going to test it again, I am going to test this again because that's real bad. All right what do we got? 81.484 that's the rating we're going to go with 81.484 but that's not Nelson Labs ASTM 3. I don't buy it, not these.

There's something wrong with these masks. Look okay, I'm going to present a scenario where you would use these masks. One you've had the vaccine, Two you're going in a place where the risk of transmission is almost nil like you're at a gas pump or something like that and Three you like buying masks from people that lie to you. That's why I'd buy those masks. All right thanks everyone for watching. If you enjoyed this, again give me a like if not it's fine, I'll just be over there crying. I'll see you on the next mask. Thanks.

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