Clinivex Blue 3ply Disposable Face Masks

Clinivex Blue 3ply Disposable Face Masks

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Video Transcript Hey, everyone. Welcome back to the place we are testing every single mask in the world and still on Amazon. That's right, there are still masks that we haven't tested from Amazon. Can you believe that? Neither can I. Actually, I can because, well I have a spreadsheet. I'm following it. Today we're going to be testing the uncomfortably named Clinivex. I don't love that.

Let's put it in the clamp and we'll talk about the mask. Ooh, this is a big mask. I like that. Bigger the mask the more breathable space you have, so generally speaking. This is a PFE machine, particulate filtration efficiency machine. If you want to find out more about how this works, check out that link.

Also, a quick note, we are just testing the filtration here. We can't test fit. Everyone's face is different. You need both for a good mask. This is just one point of reference. All right, Clinivex, let's look at you here. All right. Cinivex disposable face mask, three ply, breathable. They're not making any claims here. Thousand ratings visit the Clinivex store. I just don't... The name's very uncomfortable. Clinivex medical products. It's like they're combining two words and it's not working out. They got some black masks. So it looks like they pretty much started during the pandemic, which is great. The box is pretty basic when it shows up. Same information on three sides. It's a Chinese mask. You got the website right there.

I don't like these... I don't like this shiny type of mask. I'm not into that, personally. Let's open it up. There's no bag. So it's just right there as the box. Wow. This is a very interesting ear loop. And you could just tell... Okay, that's interesting. So... But it's perfectly centered. They're not folding over the... If you can see the nose wire, let's show you one of our masks. We get extra melt blown to make sure that a hundred percent of the filter is covered. And so that white that you see is actually the filter layer that's protecting you. This doesn't have that. It's just folded over there, just a little bit. Nothing wrong with that if it tests well, but it's just one point. I like the welds though. They look really good. Let's see it. That's good.

We're testing some India masks earlier and nothing has got it on some of these Chinese masks. These things are so strong. I feel like I'm... And the ear loop is like really, interestingly it's flat and it's thick. Oh man. That's great. I could hold up like a baby elephant with one of these things. That's the best ear loop I've tested in a week or so. Oh no. Ear loop, yes. Nose wire, no. It's no nose wire. It's a plastic nose wire I can't believe I didn't see that. So why does a plastic nose wire matter? Because you can bend all you want, but it just doesn't conform to your face. Normally when you put on a mask, you want to do this and it will conform to that upper area right there. But look at this because we talk about like fit is important, right? Look at all that. See the gap there? It's going to let the... My daughter would say, just let the COVID right in, Dad. Just let the COVID right in. All right. What does it smell like though? I didn't even do it. Okay. It's not terrible, actually.

I'm going to call this the reception area of a water bottle recycling plant. Definitely plastic, but not super offensive. Well cleaned, well maintained. All right. Does any of that matter if it doesn't protect me? Remember in the United States, we want, what 90, say audience. 95%. We want it at 95% filtration at a minimum. That's an ASTM level one mask. We like to look for ASTM level two or three. They're not making any claims on this. So I'm just holding them to my own arbitrary standards. What does it say here? Okay. Yeah. It's not great. It's not great. I would call that a fail. 87.432. 87.432. Of all the masks that you have available to you on Amazon, I would not buy Clinivex. That's just me. Thank you guys so much for watching. Hopefully this has been helpful or entertaining or something. I don't know why you're still here. I know why I'm here. Actually, why am I here? I'll think about that and maybe see on the next test.

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