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Video Transcript Hey, everyone, welcome back to the place where we're testing every single mask in the world. I do mean the world. We are on the hunt for legitimate surgical masks, and on that journey we went to Alibaba and other places in China to find FDA listed surgical masks. We actually got this from a manufacturer called 3Q. It's actually made by a company called the Rizhao Sanqi Medical & Health Articles Co. This is a legitimate FDA cleared 510 K surgical masks. Let's get it in the clamper and see what happens. Ah, very hard to clamp though, almost clamped my finger. This is a PFE machine, Particulate Filtration Efficiency machine. The reason why this machine is so important is because we are doing the actual test that the FDA does, that you would do for ASTM Level 3 mask.

This is claiming to be 98% at filtering out bacteria, which is a stupid thing because bacteria is huge in compared to something for the Coronavirus, but it's also an ASTM 3 mask which is going to be 98% at filtering something about the size of the Coronavirus. They've actually sent their Nelson Labs report. This is a legitimate report, it's got the actual sponsor name with their location, the actual name, the Rizhao Sanqi Medical & Health Articles Co. And they are showing on their tests, 99% efficiency. This is the test that we are doing here. We're doing the same test that Nelson does. The difference, just a disclaimer. They're using GLP, Good Laboratory Practices, that means it's being done in a clean room, means that it's being done with someone with a face mask, that means it's being done by a real lab tech, not by some guy on YouTube, so it may vary.

Very nice packaging, very nicely done, sealed in this plastic. And it's got this nice, I'll just leave it here, it's got this nice open thing and it's serrated so it just opens. Wow, this is one of the best packaged masks I've seen in a while, for a hospital, because you've got this top and you can just pull things right out there. I don't like this style where you can see the nose wire right there, but it is a double nose wire, it's a really nice nose wire. And look at that they've got the manufacturer name right there, 3Q. Great quality spun bond, nice ear loops, very strong, 510 K mask should be really strong, very high quality mask.

This smells a bit like Chinese polypropylene and the cardboard that it came in so I'm going to call this smell SF Express, an Asian UPS if you will. A lot of things that come from China come from SF Freight. All right, but the whole reason you're here is to join us on this journey. Now, remember this mask needs to hit 98% on this exact machine. This is the machine that does the test and they gave us this lab report from Nelson Labs, which I think is probably a legitimate report so it should pass the test, right? It should say 98%.

What does it say? 83. 83.954. 83.954. Now again, I'm doing an aggressive version of the ASTM test here, but that's not even close. It makes me worried that this would pass the FDA standard. This is one of the concerns that we have. This is one of the concerns that when something comes from overseas, if it's outside of the FDA's control, the FDA doesn't have time to test every single mask that comes in. Neither do I. What are we going to do about that? I don't know. We should feel that if something has that stamp of approval, that it can be trusted. And in this case, it failed that test. Now, a lot of external factors, this was shipped in the mail, who knows what happens to this box, but then again that is pretty far off.

All right, guys, thank you so much for watching. I appreciate your time and attention and I will catch you at the next test, which is tomorrow at 10:00 AM, right here.

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