MOD Kids Face Mask

MOD Kids Face Mask

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Why did this mask fail?


Video Transcript Hey everyone, welcome back to the place, we are testing every single mask on Amazon, including kids' masks. Everyone likes kids, right? I got like five of them, how many do you have? Put it in the comments. Look at this mask that we bought on Amazon, MOD Kids Face Mask, reversible, reusable, cute. That's what we like. Except cloth masks suck, and we're going to demonstrate why here, I think. I don't know. Look, I'm opening it fresh, I don't know what the MOD Mask is going to do. I like the design of the packaging. Look at that, it's like a little mesh bag. What is that, for your laundry or something?

It says washable.

Yeah, it's washable. If it says washable, you know that means crap. All right, let's put it in the clamper. Now, I am doing the N95 test here. This is a PFE machine, particulate filtration efficiency machine. It's meant to do the testing for N95 masks. "But, Lloyd, these are cloth masks. Is that really fair?" Well, no, it's not. It's going to do horribly. But the reason why I'm doing that is because it looks like one of those KN95 masks and people get tricked out by that. So I'm going to try it on first. Oh, I should do the cute one. What did it say? Cute cloth. I'm going to do the rest of the mask with this... the rest of the test with this on.

I don't know what that is. Let's look at the listing. Five pack (singing). Our PPE masks are the perfect school item. Cozy, adjustable, secure fit. I'm not seeing anything about protection. Case in point. Hard to breathe. Cloth at 92? My kid's pillow case had a better filtration efficiency, and the airflow resistance was like 20. This is ridiculous. So yeah, this is like a muzzle for your kids. We want them breathing their own breath for no reason? Why would you give them a cloth mask? This is ridiculous. It does have a nose wire, though. So that's interesting.

PFE 19.882. This is the lowest PFE that this machine has recorded in a real long time, because I haven't done cloth masks in a while. It feels kind of good though, in a way. All right. That's a (beep) mask. We know that. Don't put your kids in this. Just let them roam around. Who cares? I'm with the truthers. I'm with the truthers on this. Yeah, I'm with the truthers. If you're going to put your kid in this mask, you might as well put them in no mask. It does nothing except for make it hard for them to breathe. But they do make kids masks, which I will show you, that are easy to breathe in, and actually do block things that are as small as the coronavirus. And if you want to find out those, stay tuned. Stick with me and we will show you those masks. All right, guys. Thank you so much for watching. I hope you had as much fun watching it as I had making it, and I will catch you on that next test.

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