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Video Transcript All right, everyone. Welcome back to a place on the internet where we test every mask that you send us. This is a user submission, and I'm super excited to get it. Now, I would rather get the whole box, because I want to talk about the box and I want to see if they're making any claims and all that stuff.

This one was a submission from Josh from the YouTube channel. And I appreciate you, Josh, wherever you may be. This is a mask called MEDCu as you can see, inkjet or maybe be laser printed on it. And when I looked up this mask, it's an Israeli mask, and it appears to have some copper embedded in it. Now, copper has some natural ability to actually do healing and to block something, so that's pretty cool. An aseptic ability. I know that, I'm not going to get into it but one time I accidentally caught my face on fire. They gave me this silver cream to put on and it actually made the face all better. As you can see, it's perfect today.

I only have one mask, and so there's not a lot I can do. I'm going to do the test in kind of reverse order. I'm not going to get too crazy, but this is pretty good, small, very thin, actually, this is some of the thinnest ear loop I've seen, but it's actually pretty good and it's sticking on. Now, actually, from a construction perspective, they did it backwards, because they have the MEDCu on the outside and they put on the inside, so what that's going to mean is when it goes on your face like this, it's going to, see that little gap that it's causing? It's because it's on the inside. Now, some people do that for aesthetic reasons, but I don't like that.

Nose wire is also small, but it's pretty good. I am getting a little bit of a smell. It smells like I'm at my uncle's house for his birthday. He lives in the woods. I don't like going there. In this scenario, I'm like an eight-year-old kid. Anyway, that could be just because Josh, your house smells really weird. Who knows? I can't judge it because I don't have the whole box. It's an interesting color too. I don't know if you're going to, if this is going to see, but it's kind of almost a sheen. It's not fully white, but not fully, whatever that color is. I think it's just the quality of the spunbond maybe, it's like a little bit jazzy. It seems from a construction perspective, I'd give it probably a B.

What we're testing here with this machine is just the fabric itself. All we care about is the fabric. It's a very specific machine. Okay. Let's go ahead and start. Now, this is a PFE machine, as I was saying. If you want to find out more about how this machine works, I'm going to put a link right below. I'm actually going to keep this screen up because I don't have anything else to show or to talk about the mask. It is copper. That would really only help with bacteria. It wouldn't really help most likely with viruses, though I'm not a virologist, so I could be totally wrong. Tell me in the comments if that's the case, but I think it's made more for bacteria. So, in this case, when it comes to combating COVID-19, it's probably more of a marketing thing. I do like the idea. I do know that the FDA doesn't like, and this is a mask from another country so this is probably not something that you would ever see in the United States.

I'm looking at this now, we're looking at this live. This is going to run for about two minutes, but this is not a good sign, starting this low. The airflow resistance is pretty low. It's below a hundred, which is great, great breathability. But remember, breathability and particulate efficiency kind of go hand in hand. The more breathable something it is, the less it's going to actually block, and that's what's happening here. Super breathable. We're under 60% blocking. That's basically a D on our scale. This would be a really good cloth mask. Now, I only have one mask to test. This isn't going to give it a fair shake.

The new testing standards for the FDA, they're testing I think it's a hundred masks now, and then you average the score, so I don't know if this is super fair. Plus, this mask in an envelope was given to me. I don't really know what happened in that transit. This could have been a used mask, in which case, gross. I just thought of that now. I just put it on my face. Wow. Okay. Super gross. Hope it wasn't used, Josh. Gross. There's a lot of factors here. We actually did, we tested one of our masks at 99%, and then we tested a mask that had been washed several times in a washing machine and it tested about this. So, this is right now testing about as well as one of our masks used would test, but maybe it's been used so I can't really give it a good shake. But, I got to say, not super impressed, to be honest.

That's it. Test is done. Efficiency is 58.083, 58.083. That's a D in our book when it comes to it. Would not recommend that mask if you come across it. But if you have a whole box, send it to me. I'd love to test a whole box, test two or three, and give it a fair shake. All right. Thank you, Josh, for submitting your mask. Hope this is helpful, and I will catch you guys on the test. Thank you.

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