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Hi Lloyd,

I am the developer of the DNA mask. I appreciate you making a video about my masks. If half of all particulates made it through, certainly I wouldn’t have sold 350k masks worldwide without having a single reported case of anyone contracting Covid while wearing my masks. My masks are worn by doctors, surgeons, nurses, teachers, flight attendants, students, and others working in High traffic areas.

At 48% pfe, that would be an impossibility. Also, I designed elastic band headstraps in addition to the surgical mask you analyzed.

Further, DNA Masks are not cotton masks…. lol. Good effort on your video. I won’t hate on you for attempting to do something with integrity even though you failed miserably in your scientific analysis.

I can cite numerous limitations to your analysis that render your results inaccurate and invalid. On my website, which is down at the moment, and not due to business failure as you so eloquently mentioned, there are the clinical results of 3rd party testing of my masks. Testing didn’t include using 1 mask, but rather hundreds of masks. All claims are derived from 3rd party clinical testing.

You come around 3 years later explaining that my masks aren’t protective, while I have clinical testing and hundreds of thousands of customers who will disagree. Common sense will also tell you that your analysis is off based, but again…. thank you very kindly for the publicity and exposure. Much appreciated.

I’d be happy to discuss your results anytime.

James Dean March 16, 2023

are these your masks? Sandy’s advocacy is posting alot of info. I am shocked if this is true because I have put alot of faith in your company

rona maykish January 08, 2023

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