Bella Premium Hanji Mask

Bella Premium Hanji Mask

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Hey, everyone. Welcome back to the place. We are testing every single mask on Amazon. Today, we are looking at KF94. That is Korean made masks. Very excited to test the Bella mask. Where did you see Bella? Oh, Bella. All right stop with the references and gets to testing mask.

I'm better at testing masks than I am at jokes and references and I'm not that good at testing mask. So what does that tell you? I mean, I just put it in the clamp or I hit a button it's really not that hard. Who's the Michael Phelps of mask testing. Well, probably people are going to say Aaron Collins. That guy. Okay I'm getting a smell sitting here. Okay this is interesting or maybe I'm dying. Can someone Google for me what you smell right before you die? I think that's what I'm smelling right now.

At least I know I don't have COVID. There we go. Let her rip, this is a BFE machine particularly filtration efficiency machine. We're doing the N95 test here but on KF94, a little bit different results I'm sure than you'd get in Korea because it is a different standard but we will give you an idea of how much this thing is going to protect you. So here's some interesting stuff. 25 bucks, 87 cents a piece that's pretty cheap. Better be because this is the cheapest packaging I've seen for KF94. Typically, they come in this beautiful packaging and this one is all just stacked on top of each other. I'm going to do a pre smell here. Yep. That has a smell. My brain isn't just dying. That's good. This is very interesting. This is a unique one. I haven't seen this before. Wow. That's really good. That's in the top 10% of KF94 is for sure.

Let's put her on. I don't like that I can see the nose wire come on. Oh, this smells like a hotel room in Dubai. Oh, if that smell resonates with you. You got problems. Not bad. It's not a bad smell. It's just, I think they added a smell. I'm looking for a scent thing because I think they added a smell. It's not delightful. All right. I don't... Yeah, well obviously it smells like the cardboard. Look at this. It's just sitting right on the cardboard box. Geez. It's got no protection just right there. Just sloshing around. Can you imagine that? Just like putting something like this in cardboard. I know they do it all the time but not South Koreans. They make a good mess. The purity of South Korea. Just read that. This is the light beige. That's also a very weird flex. I've never seen light beige as an option for masks. So a lot of things going on here and the brand. Oh yeah, the brand is awesome. Generic. They make a lot of things.


But what's the PFE score. That's all that meant. Whoa. Oh Jesus. Oh God. Okay. Wow that's the worst score I have ever seen for a mask, that's not a cloth mask. That is some (beep) right there. That is a highway robbery. Wow. Okay. Well, you know this just is so validating because I always say look at the packaging. If they put work and effort into the packaging and they're not just like the purity of South Korea. Yeah. Sure. Guy. Look at this, it's not even a finished inside cardboard. That's why it smelled like that delightful Dubai cardboard hotel room I was talking about. Yeah, exactly and then look you can see through to the nose wire ah, details. They didn't have details. And beige who doesn't like beige, am I right? I am. However, going to cut this open to see if it even has melt blown in it because I would bet...

Look at all the things going on here, a healthy habit, one a day.
Maybe they thought they were for eating. They were confused. So we have as the inner layer on, its fun part, if you find this buddy, you got... First of all, you know a lot and second of all, you have problems but I find this funny. Spun bond on the inside. Okay, good that blocks water but it doesn't do any filtering. Spun bond like (beep) actually on the outside blocks water and mystery fabric. I don't know what the hell this is. It's not anything. It's nothing. It's literally. It's just nothing. Oh, where's the crown. This is the worst mask that I tested on Amazon for sure.

Look, I'm not talking about cloth masks different category.

If you buy a cloth mask, you're asking for COVID 19. So if you're still with me aside from those, this is the worst mask that I purchased on Amazon. It claims to be a disposable mask. It's just not. Natural Hanji fabric (Korean paper). The feature... Maybe they're being front. Is this in bogus? The features of Hanji (Korean paper). Keeps glasses from fogging up. Prevents makeup stains from being smudged, lightweight, comfortable, and easy to breathe in. How breathable was it by the way.


70 pascals. Yeah. Pretty breathable. Although we have N95 made in America. They are more breathable than that and filter at 98-99%. Okay. I don't know if I can beat up this mask anymore. Thank you, internet Gods for giving me this mask. I want to thank my parents. I want to thank Eric and I want to thank Jeff Bezos and your giant (beep) Jake rocket for making all this happen. All of you came together and the good people of South Korea who delivered this mask, that is just like the biggest piece of lying (beep) that ever seen in my life. And I've never been a happier person. Thank you. Don't buy this mask. It ain't good for you and that's all. That is. That's all.

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