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Video Transcript Hey, everyone, welcome back to the place where we're testing all of the masks in North America, the world, whatever. But today, North America, because I'm looking at the Gerson N95 3230 Plus. We just tested the best mask, I think, that I've had in the machine, which was the 3230 and this is the plus. What does that mean? I'll tell you in a second. Let's let's put it in the clamper here.

All right, open this up. I love the... I actually really do like this box, it's a nice box, individually packaged masks. Oops, how embarrassing I have the 3230 here.
Put this in.

Clamp cam, clamp cam.
That was a great clamp, if I do say so myself, and I do. This is a PFE machine, particulate filtration efficiency machine. It's the reason we showed up today because otherwise I'm just an idiot in a lab coat that someone bought for me rambling. This gives me credibility. That's why, we're testing masks. Let's do this.
All right, let's talk about Gerson. Gerson, family owned company started many, many decades ago. Been making masks in the United States for a long time.

Most of the masks that I've tested on here are either some foreign masks or masks that were made in the United States as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. So I like that these guys, if you haven't heard of them, it's because they've just been quietly executing behind the scenes, not making any noise, not spending tons of money on marketing. They've just been making a great fricking mask. Now I just tested, like I mentioned, one of the best masks I've ever tested in the machine ever. It's because the breathability was off the charts and this one's within a couple percentage points. I'm just going to blow us up here.
So last one was about 96, 97% and airflow resistance was 48, I think. This one's 55, but the test's not done yet. The thing is, is that to be in 55, 40, 48, 55 pascals, that's like a cloth mask. So this thing has the breathability of the thinnest cloth mask you've ever put on, but the protect of an N95, which is insane.

So what is the difference between the 3230 and the 3230 Plus? Probably not much except one little thing on the box, which I'll show you, this. Fluid resistance to a hundred millimeters of mercury. What does that mean? That is a surgical rating. So this mask has a surgical rating on it, which means, and they may be putting some sort of additive or they may be putting a thicker fabric on there, which is why we're getting 55 pascals instead of the, what was it? 48 or something like that?


46 pascals, so it's a little less breathable, probably because they've got something on there that's got a fluid barrier.

Now this machine behind me, which we almost never turn on for you is a blood splatter test machine. If I were to put this mask in that machine and set it to 120 millimeters of mercury, which is about three PSI in your bike tire, that would be a low bike tire. It's it's the the amount of arterial spray. So if you were to sever an artery while in surgery, it would block that blood and that's the whole point of this mask. So unless you're a surgeon, you probably don't need the plus, honestly, and it is a little less breathable it looks like.

I am going to try it on just for kicks because I want to see if there's any different smell to it. One of the things I do like about this mask is it's individually packaged. So you're not getting a weird smell to it, but there is a little bit of a smell because it's individually packaged, whatever they're using for this head strap has got a, I'm going to call it a rubbery type smell to it. Could be my brain, I am detecting a little bit more smell on this, to be honest, it's a little bit more. And it is that rubbery smell. It's a little bit more rubbery, but it's probably not rubber because I'm sure that it's not made with natural rubber latex, so.

So it is a little bit stronger smell, but I think it's in my head. I don't know. We'll never know. The smell is a subjective test. Look, it's just however I'm feeling that day. But we'll call this smell, by the way, head strap rubber, all right?

Again, back to the machine. I already let you know, because we were talking about the past mask, 96.894, 96.894. Breathability of 55. They're making all of their [inaudible 00:04:48] and materials in house, they're vertically integrated. I didn't even know that these guys were doing that because they're just so quiet about how awesome they are.

So, get this mask. I'm actually, I don't know they're going to let me, but I'm going to sell this mask on my website. I'm going to sell this mask. I have to, this is too good of a mask.

I think, to be honest, I might be using this mask in the future if I'm in a really dangerous situation and honestly you should too.

Thank you Gerson for making a great mask, really appreciate it. And thank you guys for watching, I appreciate you. We've got a lot of masks left to test today. I've got our editor here, that's right, in the flesh, big easy E in the house, and so we're going to be busting through hundreds of masks, so stick with me and I will see you on that next test. Thank you.


The Gerson 3230+ passed our particulate filtration efficiency machine test with a score of 96.89%. A defining characteristic of N95 masks is they have either head straps or head ties (no ear loops).

Mask breathability is determined by airflow resistance, which we measure in pascals. The target for adults should be around 150, and the target for children should be close to 100. The airflow resistance of this mask is 55.60.

This mask has a slight rubbery odor, but it's great mask otherwise. It gets a hearty recommendation from us. 

We found this mask on Amazon. Its country of origin is the USA. Check out our video review for more details.

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So interesting. I’ve been using the Halyard duck bill masks – but they’re hard to find. They’re extra fluid-splatter resistant but I don’t need those day to day. It’d be pretty cool if you could test those. But when I run out of them, I’ll move onto these!


John January 10, 2022

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