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Video Transcript

Hey, everyone. Welcome back to the place we're testing every single mask on YouTube. No, just kidding. Yotu masks on Amazon actually. But since we're on YouTube, I saw Yotu and I thought, "no, not funny, not funny". Okay. All right.

Well, let's open this box up and get started. Sometimes jokes land, but not on this channel. The goal of my jokes is so that one person thinks that they're funny and that one person is my me. Unfortunately, even that last joke failed me. All right.

Wow! This is a box. This box gets box of the day. This is nice. It's soft touch and I don't think I've seen cardboard this thick before. You can quote me on that. All right. Individually sealed. Like it. Let's get it in a clamper and talk about this mask. This is a very affordable mask too. It's 30 bucks for 60 pieces. Holy shnikes.

It's a clamp. That was a Dora the Explorer reference. Let's get it going. This is a PFE machine, Particulate Filtration Efficiency machine. If you want to find out more about how this works, check out that link. All right. I like the box. I like the box. I can tell from the listing, however that it's not a real KN95, but I don't know. I feel like the mind that created this box cares about quality. I'm feeling good about this from passing the standard. The airflow resistance breathability is 170. Within KN95 standard, which has to be below 250 pascals. So it's pretty hard to breathe for a KN95. It's a very shiny material, isn't it?

So if you want to quickly tell if something's a legitimate KN95, you just have to look on there. You see KN95. Really hard to see, even in real life. GB 2626 2019. And you got to have the manufacturer name. Why? It's so if this thing is outside of the packaging, you know the manufacturer because if you have a bad experience with the manufacturer. It's just like you're driving around a Ford. Can you imagine if Ford just sold a lot of Fords without the name on it? There's a reason they have to put their name on it, right?

Okay. So it seems like pretty good construction. Way off. Why is that, anytime you compliment a mask? Try it at home, try it. Be like, "I think this mask is really great". And then try the ear loops. They'll break every time, guaranteed. So that was neat though because that really broke. So individually, I don't think it's going to break on your face though, which is the most important thing. I've seen better ear loops, but let's try the thing on. I like that they're individually packed. That's good. But if you're going to make a black mask, you might as well make it black on both sides.

I'm going to call this "living inside of a Barbie box". It's like a freshly sealed Barbie box. It's very, very plasticy. It's very much the Chinese mask plastic smell, if you're familiar with that. And since I test masks, I am. All right, but let's see if that matters if it doesn't protect you. Let's check it out. The reason you're all here, PFE machine. Ooh. Wow. We have not had luck with these today, man. 63.733%. 63.733%. So, you could tell it was a fake KN95 because it didn't have the right information on the actual mask. You can even see that by looking at the Amazon listing, right? They're banking on the fact that you haven't read the 57 page KN95 standard, which you probably haven't. Probably because you have more and better things to do.

But also they're not meeting the standard, which means this mask is not going to protect you. I would not trust this mask. I wouldn't use it. Hard to breathe. Doesn't protect you. Good price. Great box. Great box. We'll give them that. We'll give them that. Yotu, you made a great box. Whoever was in charge of the box, you should put them in charge of making masks and maybe you have a better one. All right. Thank you guys so much for watching. I appreciate it. And I will catch you on that next test.


The YOTU KN95 Face Mask failed because it wildly missed the filtration requirement (95%). The KN95 standard also requires that the mask have the manufacturer’s name and the appropriate technical standard, typically either "GB 2626-2019" or GB-2626-2006,” written across the front of the mask. This is similar to how official N95 masks display NIOSH approval numbers. This mask did not have the required identification on its front.

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