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Why did this mask fail?


Video Transcript To Lloyd Armbrust. That's me. Open this up. Oops, got to do the opening here. Non-medical Lyka Distribution. Oh, boy. Dear Lloyd, thank you for sharing your knowledge, skills, and equipment for testing masks and helping us stay safe. Please find the enclosed samples from two Amazon orders for KN95 masks. I think I've tested these ones before.

The first batch is from Wanwane. It was an order of black KN95 mask. They came in a large plastic bag, not wrapped separately, no identification. So we just tested the Wanwane black KN95s. We'll pull that up in a second. Five layer masks are stamped KN95, 2019. To my eye, these mask are well made. Have a sniff nose wire and minimal odor.

Which is the white ones? Yeah, 96.8%, breathability 105. So I'm assuming that these are going to be the same. I'm going to go test this real quick, because it's super easy for me to do that and you asked me to, and you're here, you're live, so I'm going to do it, man. But we did test this earlier today, the white version; which is great, because we'll post both.

It's interesting to see the discrepancies between different manufacturers because sometimes one will pass and one won't and that just shows, that's just indicative of a poor QA process. You can barely see it here. I don't know if it's going to come in. So, GB2626, that's 2019 KN95, no manufacturer name. The 2019 standard means you got to have the manufacturer name. They didn't put it on there. Why is that a big deal? Well, because they could just be producing these, like maybe Wanwane isn't even the manufacturer. Maybe they're grabbing them from somebody else. In fact, I think the other one didn't have 2019. I think it was 2006. So this is a totally different mask supposedly by the same manufacturer. For the comments here. And we're done. 99.23. So that was better than the other one. 99.23, 109 Pascals even. Same manufacturer?


Same manufacturer. We looked at the quality certificate. Same manufacturer. So it actually did better than the white.

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