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Video Transcript This one is from Protectly PPE. That sounds like a manufacturer. To Lloyd Armbrust. Did I buy this? Protectly PPE, manufactured by JJ Masks, LLC in California. GB 2626 of 2019. Made in America KN95. I have no idea where this came from. Comes... It's a nondescript packaging. This weird label. Individually, what, two in a package. That's weird. Okay. Protectly. This is like back when all the startup names added L-Y on the back of everything. They're like, "Dang, Protect is taken. How about Protectly? It Protectlies you." This has got the thing. It's got the name, Made in US, GB 2626 of 2019.

Appears to be legit on the markings. Let's see if it's legit in the tests. Okay. Got it good in there, and the nuclear codes. All right, Protectly. Let's try on the face. I don't know. It's almost no smell. I would call this a Small Village Made Out of Corrugated Cardboard. No. No good reason for it. It's just the first thing that pops in my head. It's crazy up there. I wouldn't recommend it. So pretty good. 152 pascals so far. Two seconds. Let's do this. 99.56. Protectly, that does Protectly you. That's not as good of a joke. Protectly, 99.56 and 153.5 pascals. There're more breathable masks out there, but that's pretty good.

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