Mask C Kid Sized KN95

Mask C Kid Sized KN95

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Video Transcript Hey there. Welcome back to The Place. We are testing every single mask that we can get our hands on. Today we are looking at the brand MaskC, beautiful brand. This is their kids mask. We just had their adults mask and it failed standards miserably. But, holding out hope for the kids mask because a lot of times they're using different factories in China for different parts and different sizes of the product. So this could be better. Let's see. Let's get it in the clamper and see what happens.

This is a really beautiful barrier bag, right off the top. But look at this, I can just open it up. Now, what you're supposed to do, is you're supposed to seal this with an L bar sealer. That gives you, the consumer, when this arrives you know that no one's got their dirty little hands in there and that's not the case here. So, I don't like that. It's one of the reasons why we package all of our masks inside of a clean room and it's actually sealed so that no one can get into it after that fact.
I like this color. This is black. Let's get it in the clamper. Now again, this is their kids mask.

We just looked at their adult mask, which did fail standards. All right, this is a PFE machine, particulate filtration efficiency machine. If you want to find out more about the particulars of this, I'm going to put a link up there, but the quick version is that we are doing the N95 test here. I know, this is a KN95. Why would we do an N95 test? Well, because we are in the United States, we're going to hold them to American standards. That said, it turns out if you read the 57 page document for KN95's, you'll find out that they have the exact same test. So I'm actually also doing the KN95 test. It sounds cooler if I say N95, doesn't it?
All right, so the kids black KN95, 10 pack. These are $3.60 a piece.

They're claiming to be KN95's, but you can tell just by the listing that they're already lying to you. This is not a legitimate KN95. I'll talk about that in just a second. Lets look at the actual bag itself. KN95, kids pieces. They do have made in China in tiny, tiny, tiny letters, which I just dislike when brands try to hide from you what they're doing. This is requirement by the federal trade commission that you have on every package that you send, a country of origin. So they're barely making that requirement there. That just irks me a little bit it. And look at these tiny, cute little face masks.

Okay. So I mentioned something a second ago that I knew right away from the picture that this was a fake KN95. How could I tell? Well, if you're just seeing this channel for the first time, it's three things you look for. Number one, you got to say KN95 on the mask. It's part of the standard. They did that, good job. The second thing is you need to say the standard name, because the standards are kind of like years of wine, like they come out in different years. And so the last year of the KN95 standard was 2019. And so what you need to see on here is GB2626-2019. You also need to have the manufacturer name.

Now, you could put MaskC, but we know they're not the manufacturer, or at least that would be very unlikely. Technically you have to have the actual manufacturer's name.

Why is that important to have all these things? This is a medical product. It's made to basically save your life. And so, because of that, it's a high bar for making sure that it's protecting you. And when you put it on, before you put it on, the Chinese standard, they want you to be able to see who's making the thing, so that you know if you can trust them, and what standard that you're going to be holding them to. They don't have any of that. They're robbing you of that. And also, I have found that when a brand doesn't do these really simple things, the machine calls them out on it.

I'm going to do a quick test. The adult masks, the ear loops were just some of the worst ear loops... that's a new one. The double top. That's interesting. I mean, think about it. Kids, more than anybody and I've got five kids, they tug on stuff when it's on their face. So granted, my face is a little bit larger, but the kid's going to do something like this and it's going to break off their face. And a mask isn't good, it won't protect you, if it can't stay on your face. So this is actually part of the protection standard.

Let me do a smell test real quick. If I can get it to stay on my face. This smells exactly like the adult mask. It's like a medium Chinese polypropylene smell. I don't know why, but Chinese masks have this smell. A lot of them are stronger than others. This one's not horrible, but for my kids, I would choose something that smelled a little bit less. After all of the other stuff that they failed, do you think they bothered to put good fabric in it? Let's see. I haven't actually looked yet, so I'm not actually sure. We're going to do this together. You ready? It's worse than the adult one. 86.748. 86.748.

I mean, the crazy thing is like Jennifer Garner, she has kids, she's promoting these masks and it's a mask that fails very simple parts of the standard and fails on the most important part, which is the part that's going to protect you. So the breathability on this was actually really high. The adult mask had a breathability of 130 pascals on this machine, which is pretty good. Anything under 150 pascals is, I would say, I could comfortably breathe in for eight hours. This is 180 pascals. That's well above the 150 pascals, so it's not breathable and it doesn't have the filtration efficiency.

All right, I think I beat up the MaskC folks a little bit enough, but this is what happens when, I heard, it's unsubstantiated, but I heard this was a yoga pant company out of Florida that decided to get into making a medical product that needs to protect you. And that's the thing, there's just so much ignorance in this business from the people who are selling the masks, that it becomes a big issue for me personally.

All right. Thank you guys so much for watching. I hope you found this fun or interesting or something. I don't know. Why are you here? Let me know when the comments. Not going to ask you for a like and subscribe though because I wouldn't do that. That's not what I do. I'm not that needy person, but I will take it. All right. Thank you guys so much and I will catch you on that next test.

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